What kind of work do you do for a living?

Mar 14, 1999
Saw this thread over on The Firing Line and it seemed pretty popular. I didn't know if it had been done here.

I've been a Respiratory Therapist for way to many years. Spent the last five working in a Hyperbaric (decompression tank) Department.
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In my spare time I sell knives, and read the Forums. Peace

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well I'm an electronics major who also works at college (computer lab assistant) and when I don't have school I work for my dad (welding)
I work as a chemical dependency counselor and all around cognitive therapist in one of the prison units here in South Dakota. Specialty is working with parole violators in an alternative to violation program. That doesn't pay all that great in this part of the country so I work weekends in an Antique Mall just down the road in Sioux City IA.

Avionics Test Engineer - Might chuck it all and become a Sous Chef! Looking for a career where I can cut things all day long.
I was suprised at the number of student Tech-heads here. I am also pursuing a degree in Electronics.

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Teaching English in Taiwan so please excuse me for using proper grammar. Studying for my B.A. in business management. Always wanted to be an engineer though...

Worked tweny years as a Cop, I am now a desk jocky/admin pogue for the Department of Public Safety. Also a new (today) first-time Father! Keely Ann Fisher!
Work as a 911 Supervisor for a local Police Dept in Florida... just now thinking of becoming a knife collector as hobby to enjoy with my teenage sons. Any suggestions welcome!
I'm a full time video editor, and freelance audio engineer. I also do freelance graphic design, and occasionally play keyboards or bass on recording sessions. Basically anything I can to avoid honest work.

Congrats Copfish!!