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What knife would you suggest for a girl?


Jun 18, 1999
Hi! I'm a newbie to knives and have yet to own one. Would you have any suggestions as to what kind knife a girl would appreciate? Something for daily carry and within the $150 price range.

Also, if price was not a concern and you could give a girl ANY knife, what would it be?

And please, no jargon if possible. Like I said, I'm a newbie who still has a lot to learn. Be gentle with me.


A fool will try to convince me with his reasons, a wise man, with my own.

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I plan to give my wife a pink Delica in plain edge. Well within your $150 price range. What do you plan to do with it? How do you plan to carry it?
Welcome, Ada!

What kind of knife are you looking for? A user or soemthing to appreciate esthetically? For general utiltiy, defense, a combination of both, etc.? Do you know what size you would like? Do you want a folding knife or a fixed blade?

Just trying to help you narrow the search...

Again, welcome!


Clay Fleischer

Hello Ada!

So... out of your lurker mode FINALLY!!!

Hmmm... and a good topic to start it out with! Great!

Since you're a Filipina, how's a balisong sound? HAHAHAHA!!
just kidding!

Seriously, what have you found so far that interests you? I'm sure you've been browsing through some already, eh?

Did Titan send your catalog over yet?

*nibble nibble*

You will need to rule out Spyderco if the girl has the usual long fingernails. They simply can't operate the action as the nails interfere.
I let my daughters each choose a knife from my collection. Both chose a VBM-UDT

I let my 20 year old have one, but sent the 16 year old back shopping for a non auto. She selected a Benchmade Leopard Cub.
Duh....I thought both would like the Spyderco
Dragonfly or Pegasus.
However, neither could open them.
I don't know how prices run in the Philippines, but you cannot go wrong with any of the Spyderco products. If colors are important, they have some in various colors and they are all well made. They range in size from the Cricket and Ladybug up to the Military and the Civilian. Which you choose would be based upon what you wanted to use it for. If you want it for defense, tre teh new StarMate, the Military, or the Civilian, although there is a school here in the US that urges the use of two Delicas. If you need it for cutting rope, pvc pipe or other tough things, you might wish to try one of the serrated models, but for general carry and use, I prefer the plain edges available in nearly any model. I love the Military, but my wife thinks that it is too large dor her hands. The Endura is a good size and the ATS-55 steel in the blade does very well at edge retention, ease of sharpening, and rust resistance.

On a cost no object basis, I hear that THE knife is the Chris Reeve Sebenza, $325 in US or the smaller Sebenza. They are supposed to be the ultimat in a folder.

All of this assumes that you are seeking a folding knife. If you want a fixed blade (sheath knife) you might want to look at the Spyderco Moran F01 at the small end, the Cold Steel SRK in the middle, and try the various Randall knives at the top (IMO). If you look at the Randalls, stay away from the leather hilts, as they rot in wet climates.

I am certain that you will get much, and often conflicting, advice, but good luck.

Walk in the Light of God,

I would give the same sort of knife to a girl as I would to a guy. If a person needs a knife, I would reccomend one suited to their needs that I have had experience with. I don't see how genatalia enters the picture.

Anyway, by "daily carry" do you mean for defense or utility? If for defense, have you trained at all in any form of knife combatives that would favor particular features?

As a generalist folding knife that's modestly priced, high quality, and indeed the only folder I choose to carry even though I could afford something more expensive, I reccomend the Buck Titanium(XlTi) with the plain silver finish. The black gook they use on the coated model sucks.

It's a good strong knife that I have used to do everything from defense, to utility slicing, to chopping branches 1.5 inches in diameter(not in one fell swoop).

I has a clip pointed blade, a hair over 3.5 inches long, a comfortable finger-grooved titanium handle that will keep your fingers from slipping up onto the blade should you have to stick somebody with it, and is a lockback. It has a kinda "high-tech" look to it. Most of my friends are female,(I just get along better with women) and they like it.

However, I guess I should say that most of my female friends are also a little rough compared to some women. Not that they're not ladies, but they're the kind that could whoop a man in a toe-to-toe brawl. My last girlfriend was 6'1" or so(I'm 5'8") and weighed at good 30 or 40 pounds more than me(I'm 140). She wan't plump. I see women as equals, so I don't have hang-ups about dominance and superiority or whatever.

Anyway, so maybe my experience in this matter does not relfect the norm. Still a good knife though. I have a hard time believing that women are really so taken by pink and flowery things. I have an apreciation for beautiful things, I'm not saying everything should be stark and utilitarian, but I'm just not sure wether or not the stereotypes really reflect the tastes of the average woman.

It sells for somewhere around U.S.$60, and you can get one at www.knifecenter.com, or check your local k-mart, Wal-mart, hardware store or somesuch.

I guess there is one situation where I would reccomend a different knife for a woman than a man, if she has long finger nails. Then you'd probably be best off with a thumbstudded or bladeholed knife. Because I otherwise see these things as unneccesary gimmicks, I am not in a good position to impartialy recomend one to you.

As a general rule of thumb, tanto points are servicable but more for cosmetics, same goes for chisel grinds, I have found lockbacks to be more reliable than linerlocks, and look for a knife that incorporates some sort of gaurd on it's bolster to keep your fingers from slipping onto the blade.

My preference in knives do not neccesarily reflect those of the average user. However, they are the product of much hard use, field experience and first-hand knowledge. I am also an a$$hole, not intentionaly, but it seems a lot of what I say comes off as abrassive. For that, all I can do is apologize. I try to be courtieous(sp?), but sometimes I slip. But if you want advice from someone who knows what he's talking about, feel free to e-mail me.

If you are a guy that's new to knives looking for something to give to a ladyfriend, I deeply and sincerely apologize for thinking you were a woman looking for a knife. I am unfamiliar with the name Ada, and I couldn't tell exactly what the situation was from the text. You can still e-mail me with questions though.

I think there isn't much choice in the Philippines when it comes to folders. I believe she'll have a better chance of choosing from an assorted range via the online stores here on the Net.

Bill, did I mention Ada is the girl who's looking for the knife? hehehehe!!!

Err... guys???

Ada is a lady... hehehehehe.. She's the one who's looking for a knife to start out with.

My wife loves the Kershaw liner-action folder that I passed on to her when I got my Benchmade 330 (which she likes less cuz it's harder to open).

The 2.5" Kershaw KS-2410 she has is small, light and easy for her to open (rubberized thumbstud and easy pivot action). Cost was about $35.

What's right for you probably depends on the intended use tho. My wife doesn't expect to use this for defense (nor chopping branches for that matter)... just as a utility knife that doesn't take up a lot of space in her purse.
Folders: Any of the Benchmade products with the "tri-level"-surfaced thumb stud. My first choice for you (judging by what my wife likes) would be the BM Axis, then the BM mini-Axis, then the BM Pardue Axis, then the BM Crawford Leopard and Cub, and finally the BM Elishewitz Stryker or mini-Stryker with the thumb disk mechanism. Most of these can be had in the <$100.00 range.

In terms of a fixed blade, I'd go with the Boker Applegate Combat Knife. Then the BM Nimravus (little brand loyalty going on here, eh?). I base these reccomendations on what my wife likes, so take a look and see what you think!


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, and the BM Axis rules.


From your posts at the Community Center forum I'm guessing you and Ada are good friends.


If you know Danny how old is he really?

Genetalia, ahem, doesn't determine which knife you own or what color it should be, but as a general rule woman's hands are smaller and weeker. I'm not saying woman are wimps please don't misunderstand. I started working out because my wife can... well never mind. Here is how you should decide in my opinion.

  • Will this knife fill its intended role?
  • Is my choice of sound design, construction, and quality materials?
  • Does its asthetics please me? (very important to me but still should come 3rd)

I'm sure somebody can come up with a more comprehensive decision process but I want to keep it simple.

There are female members on this forum maybe they could tell you what they like.

BTW I'm getting my wife a Spyderco Pink Delica because inspite of her liberated business woman take no bs from a man attitude she still likes feminine designs. I know my wife's tastes, I hope

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David you sneaky person you! hehehe... What does MY age got to do with her looking for a knife?!

I was suggesting a BM Stryker for her. I think the size is just about right.


Ada- I think that most of Benchmades products are worth a look. Some Spydercos may fit the bill. Cold Steel Products are decent. Try as many knives that you come across as possible. Look for a good stainless steel (nothing that say's "surgical steel" on it! I would stay away from chisel grinds and Tanto's personally.
Dave Ellis, ABS, Mastersmith


Your age has nothing to do with her knife choice
I'm just curious because your stated age on Rudy's post (How old are you?) doesn't match the email you sent me. BTW are you still interested in the LED Bulb? I have another taker if you're not.

A BM Stryker eh? Is that the knife you want hehehe or is that the knife she is thinking of? Black blade and serrations for sure


Comusta(sp?) and welcome to the forums. If I could give my wife any knife with no price restrictions it would be a Chris Reeve Umfaan or Small Sebenza. She is slowly realizing you get what you pay for and is moving away from generic brands in all things. But we still have price restrictions on anything we purchase including knives.
Sorry about the confusion. When I began writing that mass-requiem there was only one response posted. I didn't have enough context clues.

Sure seems a lot of people eager to post here...
I like some of the smaller to medium size Spyderco's for my ladies (wife and daughter).
Same with the Benchmades, there knives usually run a little larger. Boker has some nice looking knives too. When I give them a choice the aesthetic qualities do make a difference.

Throw the price away and it's a small Sebenza.

With the $150 limit - well that's a hard one to answer. I would say you need to find what you like. That means shopping around and handling a lot of different knives. A knife is a very individual thing. I understand girls like to shop - here's a great opportunity to shop for something new!

Snick noticed you are getting a lot of responses. Enjoy!
Bill, I beg to differ....I have very long nails, and deploy Spydies quite easily....
I do have trouble with some stuff...taking my contacts out..buttoning my pants, opening beer cans..but not opening my Spydies!
Just my .02
Ada -- Like snick said, I also think there should be no major difference in choices between a man and a woman. Like what others have said, get hold of as much knife as you can to get a feel on what knife you would like. You can go over Danny's house and check his collection, y'know

Also, you can go over Urban Industries at the 5th Floor of Shangri-la at Mandaluyong and at Hahn-Manila at the 3rd Floor of SM Megamall; these stores carry a lot of Spyderco, Benchmade, Cold Steel, Buck and other brands. Be forewarned, though, they sell at full suggested retail prices. After you finally decided what you want, you can order from Danny's favorite online dealers.

Now if you really want my suggestion, get a plain edge micarta Spyderco Calypso Jr. Its a great looking and functioning folder. For more info, click on here.

Whatever your choice do tell us, ok?

"It is better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot." -- Anonymous