What knives are you looking forward to?


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Oct 2, 1998
We've heard a lot about what knife everyone views as their personal "best", but the question I want answered is, what's next?

There's a lot of stuff on the horizon, some more eagerly anticipated than others.

Me, I'd like to see the Busse Battle Mistress in INFI, to see how it stands up. What about you guys?


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I'm with you Spark -- I want to see the Battle Mistress in INFI as well!

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Definitely a Benchmade 710 Axis Lock and maybe a Pinnacle. Plus anything else that the Spyderco crew has up their sleeves

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New stuff? Mike Turber's Dragon Forge line. I'm hopeing it compete's head to head with the CRKT offerings. For my own new stuff, I am not so patiently awating Christmas and the SOCOM that Santa is going to bring. I know Santa is going to bring it cause I helped pick it out, the only problem is, that Mrs Santa promptly hid it away and said it isn't Christmas yet

I'd like to see the mystical Bob Lum collaberation that Spyderco has made noise about. It was supposed to be available last summer. Then fall, then Thanksgiving, and now, maybe Christmas ?
Do you have to ask?

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Dying for my Al Polkowski CQ Fighter to arrive. Eagerly anticipating my Busse Badger Attack. Got the Blade Rigger working on a couple of things also. Other grandiose plans on the horizon, but I gotta earn the dough first. Soon I'll have to go back to robbing and stealing to support my habit


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My Simonich short sword. Alas, Rob is waiting for my design input and I temporary brainlock

The new Darrel Ralph folder I plan to win for coming up with the best name. Darrel had better start now if he's going to finish reading all the posts on that thread (1,000,006 at last count) and have the knife to me by Christmas. Hee hee, I can't wait.

A dagger by Darrel around the Blade Show 2000 (oops gotta send that deposit soon we just finished the design &#61514
and a MT Dragon Slayer after the first of the year. DC - check out Knives Points Of Interest I - IV. Those books will spark an idea guaranteed. Best knife investment I have ever made, and one of the cheapest.
Axis Locks in G10
Rock Locks from EDI

The new Darrel Ralph Tactical

The new Randy Martin Folders

Maybe a fb of my own design in a Bladerigger
shoulder gun/knife rig. Thats what I REALLY want...........Im thinking about it......
The tentatively named Mongo ATAK from Mad Dog

12" ATAK style blade w/ sharp false edge. Maybe even some file work.

Time to start saving my Sheckles!

The new Darrel Ralph folder.
EDI's strait knife.

Any my own design personal fighter.


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Of all the knives I can't wait to see I guess would have to be the one Darrel and I are working on. It ROCKS!

Side note: The Dragon Forge line should start shipping by the first of the year.

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The Axis Lock with an aluminum handle, and the second Bob Lum design from Spyderco(Maybe with the new lock).
Folders: Completing the Sabenza "triad".

Fixed: The MD Rat Thing I have on order with Shannon.

Auto: Vallaton Camillion (Too early to spell this morning.)

Geesh, I just looked at that list closely. Everything is semi custom/production. It wasn't that long ago I discovered BM and thought they were the cat's meow. Looks like hanging out in the forums has taught me a few things. Not to mention lightening my wallet.

Does that mean by this time next year I will only be looking at custom work? Oh my!