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What Knives/Multi-Tools are on your wish-list?

May 22, 1999
I have over 20 knives and my wife wants to know why I need another one. I don’t have an answer for her. Oh well. The knives listed below are on my wish-list. I have ordered them with the greatest desire at the top. I’ll probably get the Military first though. There are many more I would like to have but these I will most likely buy. My knife budget is zero right now as I’m finishing up a .45ACP on an aluminum frame.

  • CR Small Sebenza 'Fly Series'
  • Spydie Military plain edge and CPM440V
  • Spec Plus Fighting Knife (2)
  • Spyderco Frank Centofante
  • Spyderco Dyad (large size)
  • Spyderco Rescue (4 - 2 f/each car)
  • Spyderco Moran Featherweight
  • BM Nimravus
  • Buck Odyssey (if they ever make one w/ATS-34 AND plain edge)
  • Case Slimline Trapper w/ATS-34 and Wharncliff
  • Case CopperLock
  • CRKT Mirage w/wharncliff blade
  • Boker Infinity
  • Leatherman Wave
  • Leatherman Crunch
  • Another SwissTool (if they make one with scissors)

My favorite blade styles in order are: clip point, drop point, sheeps foot and wharncliff. I don’t know what to think of the tanto. I hate spear point and spey point. I prefer plain edge. Serrations have their place like the Rescue and Dyad.

If someone wants to do a thread about what BF members own go ahead. I’m mainly interested in what you don’t have but want to buy. Dream BIG

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

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Ok, you asked for it,

Busse Battle Mistress
Chris Reeve Project II
Newt Livesay RTAK
Spyderco Dyad
" Police
" Civilian
" Endura
" Military
Ka-Bar Next Generation Fighting Knife
" " " " Fighting Utility
" " Warthog
" " Tanto
Cold Steel Trailmaster
" " Vaquero Grande
Himilayan Imports 20" Sirupati
" " 20" Ang Khola
" " 15" Ang Khola
SOG Tigershark
SOG-1 Bowie
Randall Attack
Cold Steel Black Bear Classic
Chris Reeve Sebenza
Cold Steel Desperado
" " Safe Keeper
Jaguar butterfly knife
REKAT Carnivour
Ontario Katana
Bugei Sword
CRKT M1604
" Seahawk
" PECK and Stiff PECK
" Komodo 7
Spyderco Mariner
Bali-Song Butterfly
Camillus CUDA
Leatherman Micra
" Sideclip
TOPS Anaconda
" Steel Eagle
Benchmade Styker

And the next good knife i see

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?

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Hmm.. I only have a few in mind right now, but these are the "must get very soon".

Busse Battle Mistress
Cold Steel Trailmaster
Chris Reeve Sebenza (Large)
Microtech Socom MA
Rekat Carnivour

I already have most of the Spydercos and Benchmades I like, unless they come up with newer designs.

I only have a few that I'm really wanting to get:

- SpydieWrench (yeah!)
- Leatherman Wave
- A bunch of Spydie kitchen knives
- Himalayan Imports 20" Sirupati

And my girlfriend needs an AFCK (so I can carry mine, argh) and since we're dreaming, maybe a large sebenza or an umfaan.

I think I've gotten what I want for daily carry (Endura and AFCK) but I'm just looking to round out my collection, upgrade that crappy gerber multi-tool, and find something to basically scare the bejeezus out of my mother when she comes to visit (aside from the Sig

Spyderco C16 Large Goddard
Spyderco C59 Bradichansky "Shabaria"
Spyderco C58 J.D. Smith
Spyderco C46 Bob Lum
Spyderco C50 Centofante II in 440V (?)
Spyderco C?? Large Native (?)
Spyderco C36 Military Rolling Lock (?)
Maybe a Spyderco C24 Renegade (ack, can't believe it!)
Yet another AFCK?

If it's big and tip-down with a blade hole, I gotta have it... maybe I could "fix" the carry on the C48 Wegner?

-Drew Gleason
Little Bear Knives
Ah, the dreaded Wish List periodic post. I hate this topic, it always costs me money.

My collection is basically foldered-up. I'm looking forward to very few folders:

- Custom Folders
* Darrel Ralph medium Apogee

- Production Folders
* Calypso Jr. Lightweight
* Small Benchmade Axis
* Something from William Henry -- Lancet maybe

Fixed-blade wise, there's a bunch of knives I'd like to get...

- Fixed Blades
* Something from R.J. Martin
* 5.5" Talonite TTKK (already on order)
* Sissipuukko
* Trying to decide between Boye Basic or Livesay RTAK
* Livesay machete w/ Jeff Randall's mods
Do you mean the ones I will realistically get or the ones I want that I know I will never get. I will list the ones that I would realistically get:

Crawford Carnivore
Spyderco's new multitool
Military with rolling lock
Cold steel trailmaster

There are alot more that I lust after but will never get because I cant justify spending the money.


I'm going to limit this to possibilities(however unlikely):
[*]Darrel Ralph Apogee(on order)
[*]Outdoor Edge Cosmos
[*]Ross Aki Sleeve Saber(on order)
[*]MadPoet custom(in planning)
[*]TKC-L knife(ouch!)
When I look and see a total in 4 digits, I stop dreaming


Don't forget to pay your taxes...they eventually become my knives:)

I would like to get a Rekat MINI Pioneer. I really hope they come out with one soon.
Well this is what I want

Busse Battle Mistress
CR Project 1
CR small decorated Sebenza
HI 18" Ang Kola
Joe Talmadge,

Who makes the Sissipuukko and is there a picture of it on the internet? I've seen this posted before but always thought it was light swearing. But since you posted it on your wish-list it sounds like there is actually a knife with that name.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb
Chris Reeve Sebenza
Rekat Pocket Hobbit
Spyderco Military
Spyderco Civilian
Benchmade Mini Stryker

My knife money has been spent so I'll have to wait a while to actually buy one. I'll probably never buy the Sebenza(too much money)
My list of "wants" is pretty short at the moment, and very similar to Joe's...

- Chris Reeve Umfaan
- Calypso Jr.

- 6" Talonite TTKK (on order)
- Simonich custom Talonite Cetan (on order)
- Sissipuukko
- Busse Battle Mistress
- Livesay machete w/ Jeff Randall's mods

These blades would make me a VERY happy fellow.

My wish list is pretty short.
Battle Mistress
AFCK with AXIS lock(if BM ever makes 'em)
A couple of knives I designed out of sheer boredom
Kabar Fight/Utility
"" Warthog
Excelite multi-tool with wire stripers instead of pliers

But doom'd and devoted by vassal and lord.
MacGregor has still both his heart and his sword!
-MacGregor's Gathering, Sir Walter Scott
I limit myself to these two at the moment:

* Talonite Genesis
* Darrell Ralph Talonite Apogee

Hey Dan, what's the update on the Sebenza?

Well, lessee:

Exist, purchasing ASAP:
Cetan (Talonite or 440V)
Buck Vanguard Master Series
REKAT Pioneer II, drop point
mini-AFCK in M-2

Rumored to come (soon?):
Spyderco Chief
Spyderco FB01 drop point
Benchmade Axis in M-2
Spyderco RL Military

Work hard, play hard, live long.

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Here's my list in no particular order :

- CR Large Sebenza
- Speedtech Synergy
- Microtech Socom M/A
- Emerson Commander
- "" Spec War
- Benchmade Axis
- "" Sentinel
- "" Stryker
- "" Pinnacle
- "" AFCK
- "" 350 Mel Pardue
- Spyderco Delicia
- "" Endura
- "" Police
- "" Rookie
- "" Native II
- "" Pro-Venator
- "" Calypso Jr.
- Gerber Combat
- "" Covert

Guess I'll have to keep dreaming as I'm a poor student living in a country that frowns upon the ownership of any knife (UK).

"You cannot sedate all the things you hate" - MM
I would really like everything in the Spyderco, Benchmade and Cold Steel Line. But realistically I haven't found that trillion dollar bill just yet. Of immediate attention are:
Spyderco Military
Leatherman Wave
Blue Almite Spyderco Navigator in plain
Stainless Steel Spyderco Native
Some Swiss Army Watch. Yeah I know this isn't a knife but it's knife-related.