What knives would you carry if . . .

Oct 3, 1998
If you could carry any knife you wanted as a working knife and non-weapon, and nobody would be afraid of it, either because you lived in a perfectly peaceful society, or because you and everybody else were armed with some much better weapon for all circumstances?

The last time I asked this question, in some other forum I think, the most frequent answer was "The same knife/knives I'm carrying now, including the defensive knife, since it's a great working knife too."

Your thoughts?

Mine wouldnt be "what I carry now". Under the circumstances you listed above I would choose a large fixed blade. Now I carry small fixed blades and folders, neither of which is the ideal work knife. They will do, but they are not perfect for what I consider work.
I'm going to assume that cost IS an issue on this question (or are we really talking about Utopia?)

What I wanted in a working knife would depend upon what I did for work. If my work were outdoorsy I'd want a Blackjack Trail Guide or maybe a CS SRK. If it were indoors, I'd stick with my Spyderco Pro-Grip, or get something a bit pointier like a lightweight Goddard or Endura.

Sorry for the long answer, but if I were answering for cost NOT an issue it'd be much longer

In a perfect world (meaning I wouldn't lose it), I would carry a Mission all titanium folder. At work I would carry a small high quality fixed blade of something like talonite, CPM 440V, or BG42. Currently I carry a Spyderco Centofante (old style) with a cocobolo insert and am waiting for a Pinnacle to replace my work knife (M2 Mini AFCK, which I sold). I will replace that with a Martial.


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If it was just one knife, it'd be my Chris Reeve Mountaineer II. But given the choice, I'd also have my Sebenza and Spyderco Dragonfly along for the ride.


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Benchmade AFCK mini. Small enough to be comfortably and easily carried. Small enough to be non-threatening. Yet easy to open with one hand for convenient use. I hate having to set my work down because I need both hands to unfold my knife. Also, one-hand opening is critical for emergencies such as cutting a seat belt. The AFCK is strong, well-built. All around perfect.

Same as now, my trusty Sabenza and the SAK executive. Why change something that works.
Well, if nobody were afraid...

probably a 7-9" bowie-type. Flat ground and
differentially tempered.

A big knife can do do alot of things a little knife cannot.
If it had to be something I own currently, it would be my MadPoet hunter with a 4.5" blade, 5" handle, and D-2 flat ground blade. If it had to be a folder, then probably my Calypso, although I think the Endura would be better to beat on. Maybe the Endura...that's a tough call...
Without a doubt, I would carry a JB IOTF, but with a blade like the Cheyanne. There have been to many times when I have needed a blade while other things were clenched in that hand. (ie, could not relaese fingers for swing space.

I like my women like I like my knives: strong, sharp, well-formed and pattern-welded!
I would carry two knives, a big one and a small one, and carry both of them on my belt to save pocket space for other stuff. (Both real knives, of course, not folding knives.) I would probably make a single sheath to hold both of them ... then again, I'd probably change my mind about which are the best knives to carry pretty frequently if past history is any guide to the future, so separate sheaths could save me a lot of sheathmaking.

Right now I think the small one would have a narrow and pointy but not too thin blade about 2 1/2 - 3" long (6-8cm). I'm not sure how long the big knife would be -- I've never made a habit of carrying anything longer than 4" (10cm) but if I could without scaring people maybe I would. The big one would have plenty of belly. Or maybe I'd decide to make the small one the one with the belly and make the long one pointy -- or maybe I'd end up carrying more than two knives. It wouldn't end my constant dithering about what knife or knives to carry; I'm sure of that. Nothing could end that, or make me stop thinking something different from all the knives I already have could be better....

There is no perfect solution; I'm pretty sure there isn't anyway. There's always a better solution and always will be. If I live to be a hundred I think I'll have a better solution than I have now -- still not perfect, but better. Besides, I'll be able to carry more knives conveniently then -- how many knives can you strap to a powered wheelchair?

-Cougar Allen :{)
Hmm, I would probably carry a fixed blade as opposed to a folder in a hip/neck sheath.

There are too many models I'd like to carry but most likely it'll be single edged with at least 3" blade and maybe a max of a 5" blade.

Maybe the Spyderco Moran, Busse Sportsman #3 or Rookie, MD Mirage Micro, Kasper Neck Blade, or the Stiff KISS which I actually own.
Since I wouldn't be scaring anybody, I'd carry, around town, whatever 4"-5" fixed blade that I'd had hand in making that I was happiest with that month, in a leather "swinger" sheath. Fancy hardwood, obsessive details. Maybe zone-tempered carbon steel.

I'd also carry a smaller 2-1/2" to 3" fixed blade in some alloy that cuts great and doesn't rust, with a waterproof synthetic handle and a Kydex or equivalent sheath, that would be my food knife, mostly.

And I'd carry a 3"-4" one-hand folder with a fully serrated edge. Possibly a "rescue" style, since in my hypothetical world accidents can still happen.

Also a pliers-based multitool and a "Swiss Army" and a small auto for its mechanical niftiness.

Or some combination completely different, depending on what part of my collection I wanted to rotate into active service that week.

I would carry a 6 inch fixed blade.I have always felt the 4 inch I carry now is just not large enough.
I might carry a Leatherman Wave(right side),Spydie Moran(left side), Sebenza(right front, and of course my Fallkniven F1(small of back).
..I would throw in my Spydie Dyad(left front) just for the heck of it! Actually I would now not be able to walk due to too many things about my person....
Just one...SEBENZA......
Great question. I believe I would carry a medium size fixed blade like the Cold Steel Recon Tanto or SRK. Rugged, easily resharpened and not too costly to replace if lost.

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It would depend on the day, but mostly I would carry a small to med fixed blade. Also, I would always have a auto with me. Just because I really like them.