What other hobbies do knife hobbyists have?

May 21, 1999
I’ve always been curious about what or how you came to BladeForums.

Me, I practice the religion of waterfowling. With that comes, field dog training, retrievers, a duckboat and its maintenance, outboard motors, decoys, duck and goose calls, multi-state hunting licenses, obligatory knife reference, and other assorted equipmentoholisms. Also, day trading, politics, religion, and of course, my wife and son.

How else do you hobby?

I am also a Guitarist(HEAVY METAL).
I also enjoy shooting sports!


You mean people can have more than just a knife hobby? No kidding......

Not enough hours in the day for me. I do like salmon fishing and WWII history. I like to hike and camp, too.


Are Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts a hobby? If so, they occupy some of my more enjoyable time. Also collecting a few coins.

too much time at the office is my real hobby

Dances with lemmings

SCUBA, Martial Arts, Jet Ski, Quake 2 (soon to be 3 Arena). And building web sites!

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Mike Turber
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Aside from my knives I am occupied with nature, guns, martial arts, fishing, and I am also a big collector of Popeye the sailor man antiques.


Louis Buccellato http://www.themartialway.com

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Mike, I’m going to guess. You live in LA, riding your Jet Ski in Long Beach harbor over the wakes of the ferries going to Catalina Island? Probably close enough. I’m an ex-martial arts hobbyist; took it up so I didn’t have to just watch my son get his Federation first Dan; now I bow to him. What’s Quake 2?

Aside from knife-collecting? Motorsports is my next hobby. Slalom-racing, tarmac and (sometimes) off-road rally racing for me.

Clint Onsucks,

I build 1911's, shoot holes in the air, collect knives, dipnet(can't this summer, torn rotator cuff), flyfish, flytying, flyrod building, work on my POS '79 5.0L Mustang coupe and surf the web.

I would like to go spelunking but I can't find anybody in Anchorage, Alaska to go with me. I'd like to learn how to fly planes, rock climbing, scuba dive and God forbid skydive. Thanks to Prigger I'm thinking about building an SKS or AR-15. If my wife PCS's to San Diego I'd like to get into confined space rescue.

I found this site when I was looking for Photon lights and Carley Lamps back around Nov '98. Joined in May '99.

Mike Turber,

This site might interest you: PERnet

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

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Computers and computer graphics (pays the bills).
Music as a hobby (play many instruments/sing/write songs). Have a band in which I am the drummer/lead vocalist (80's metal) but we are inactive at the moment. The band thing kind of died when heavy metal went out, but hopefully it will rise again! We have been doing work as studio musicians for hire lately...
When the band went on hiatus I took up no holds barred fighting. I had been a "martial artist" for many years and after seeing the UFC, I decided I was tired of being a martial artist and I actually wanted to learn how to fight. Currently I am the middleweight champion in an organization called the SFO and am an active NHB/MMA fighter on the Atlanta area circuit. My record is 5-1. I run a small school in Alabama and have been asked to teach NHB classes at an academy in Cumming, GA, which I am scheduled to start doing within the month.
I am really into ancient civilizations and the interventionism theory. I follow the works of Sitchin, Alford, Hancock, Bauval, Temple, etc...
Other than those things, I basically just like to collect knives and swords....

Orion, UFC rules and Mark Coleman will again. I hail from the wrestling end and a wrestling scholarship put me through college. Knowing how to fight on the ground is the key.
I feel Coleman has seen his better days, as have all pure wrestlers. He has lost his last 4 or 5 fights (though I disagree with a couple of those losses- Rizzo especially) and he has beev reduced to doing worked fights in Japan for the money. I would like to see him make a comeback, but I do not see it happening. Knowing how to fight on the ground is very important, but it is not the key. The key is knowing how to take your opponent out of their element and exploit his weakness. That's why the wrestlers are getting beat now. They don't know how to "fight" on the ground, they only know know to take you there, hold you and flail away cluelessly. Their weakness has been found. Some of the wrestlers are progressing, some are not. Wrestling has awesome takedowns and few good controlling techniques but unfortunatley, the bulk of the wrestling arsenal is extremely limited and will only work for large, strong guys.
This is getting off topic. If you would like to continue the conversation, please email me.

Other than knives, I have quite a few hobbies:
- woodworking
- reading
- continuous learning
- firearms
- hunting (all types)
- fishing
- camping
- photography

Hobbies are what really seem to add the spice to life.

Well aside from spending time with my family,
I have several projects now I'm doing:
1 building 63 Chevy Impala model
2 putting together a SKS for the Father In Law
3 Fiddling with a '67 Firebird(so my wife calls it a basketcase, so what) that has potential-and a BBC to stuff in to the engine bay-MADPOWER!
4 Sharpening other people's knives, I actually like doing it to. I has it's perks, I got a TV and a car(see #3) out of doing it.
5 I also like to draw, I took lots of art classes in HS and even after some years I can still draw.
6 I like books too. Tom Clancy's book "Red Storm Rising" is my favorite.
7 I used to be a guitar nut, long before I got into knives. I had a few fenders, gibsons, jacksons, and kramers pass thru my hands. I still regret letting go of my kramer night swan. that axe was mint when I got it and when I sold it. Probably the best guitar I've played(next to the washburn with a ntb,37{? I think}frets, and active electronics). I love hard rock, HM, classic rock, and some of this new stuff out. I have a peavey butcher head too and a RP-5. I got rid of my stuff when I got back from overseas so I could afford woman, beer, guns, and cars(not in any particular order).
8 I like to shoot too. I love machineguns


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Guitars for me too. I play improvisational Chicago Blues with a band every week.


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, and the BM Axis rules.


- hockey, playing and watching
- fishing
- camping (my circle of willing friends has diminished since the opening of "Blair Witch")
- film
- reading
- Kali and Vee Arnis Jitsu
- Computers/Online gaming

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