What should i buy, Cobra Gold, SWAT, or Sahara Jr.

Mar 19, 1999
i want to get a cheap knife to beat the s*** out of it at home, i want a folder for everything around the house. My main concern is the lock, which of these knives has the thickest liner, and overall best lock, for the money. My picks are the CRK&T Cobra Gold, S&W Swat, and the junglee Sahara jr. Please dont tell me to save my bucks and get a better knife, i already have many high quality folders. In you experiance, which has the most strongest overall construction, i dont care if it is made in taiwan or not so thats not the issue. Personally, i like the Cobra gold, but the Swat is in my mind too.
Rage, skip the Junglee. Not reliable as a paperweight.

Out of those I would have to say CRK&T. I have a S&W Swat. The locks are thin and I wouldnt consider it as reliable as the CRK&T.

"I don't care if you think it's your right. I say: Sorry, it's 1999. We have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun I think you should go to prison."- Rosie O'Donnell

"I don't care if you think it's your right. I say: Sorry, it's 1999. We have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to make stupid comments, and if you do make stupid comments I think you should go to prison."- Dennis R. Bible

"Junglee not reliable as a paperweight"?????
Well I have carried a Junglee Foreign Legion for over a year now and it has always provided good service. I once used it to split logs for firewood when on a week long canoe/survival trip (our hatchet was lost in a storm) I have used it to cut everything, and still the liner lock snaps right in place every time with no play. I keep it razor sharp and it will sever free hanging 10.5 mm climbing rope with one swipe. I consider it to be the best locker in the $35 range.

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I picked up a Sahara Jr late last year when ordering several other knives, because the steel was good for the price. As soon as I get a scanner, I will take a photo and post the image of the bent and wedged into place liner. This does not qulify it for fixed blade status, and it is too sharp for a paperweight and to bulky to be a letter opener.

I am glad that you are happy with your knife and that it has given you such reliable service. I value my junglee for the lesson that it taught me; Most times, you get what you pay for. I have gotten some great knives for low prices, but the junglee does not qualify.

Good luck, stay safe, and try out a Spyderco Rescue. I gave one to an uncle that does rock climbing and he liked it so much he bought a buch as Christmas gifts for his climbing buddies. I think he will like a REKAT utility neck knife, and his birthday is coming up this summer.

Sorry, Maybe I just got lucky with my Foreign Legion. I might get a spydie rescue soon; the thing that has held me back so far is the sheepsfoot blade which is not as multipurpose as I would like. But the sheepsfoot makes it a great rescue knife.

Beyond the glittering streets was darkness, and beyond the darkness, the west. I had to go.
-Jack Kerouac
thanks for the replies people, the two i have to decide on are the sahara jr. and the cobra gold, although the cobra gold doesn't have a pocket clip, it sure seems like a strong knife, sorry all, but one more thing, which has the thicker liner of the two. PS, too shootist16, i watched that episode of the Rosie O' donnel show, and when i heard that fat b**** say that, i wanted to kill her, yes guns are weapons, and i think there made for three reasons, 1, to kill(self-defense), 2, hunting, and 3, target practice. But remember, its the man that pulls the trigger, the gun is innocent.
RC, maybe you should hold out for the full size spydie dyad that is supposed to come out come Christmas time. I am going to pick one up just because I like the rescue so much. The current dyad is a little too little.

Sorry if I came off harsh in my post, I am sincere when I say that I am glad you have gotten such good use and satisfaction from your blade.

We had a recent accident at work when someone’s Home Shopping Channel Special decided to fold on him at an inappropriate time, and I have taken a hard line when it comes to work safety, tools especially. Of course, safety begins with a well-prepared and aware individual, so trust your own judgement with the equipment involved in your endeavors.

Best wishes.

My $0.02 - Don't by the Junglee because their folder line is bunch of stolen designs in poorer construction than the originals. I won't consider them functionally because I have a problem with them ethically. Just how I feel.

Also, despite the appearance of the SWAT's liner, it is a darn strong knife. At least, the one I have is. I have slammed it spine-first into a table as hard as I can - the table was marred, but the lock held and continued to function perfectly. In my opinion these knives are real bang-for-the-buck sleepers and the only reason I'm seeking to get rid of mine is because I have no need for such a large "beater."

Aren't the Cobra Gold's handles Zytel? This doesn't compare with aluminum in my book, and no pocket clip is a serious strike against, too. My vote goes to the SWAT. That has nothing to do with the fact that I'm selling one


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Rage - just an opinion, but considering your issue is safety, you may want to look a little deeper for your answer.

A thick linerlock made from a soft material will not perform as well as a harder thinner material. A thick liner made from a good material, but with a poor geometry at the lock interface will also not perform well. (By not perform well, I mean may be usafe).

If you have no expeience with the company (sometimes company name does mean something), and youy cannot tell just by "looking", I would recommend you listen closely to the advice of your fellow forumites as they share their experiences.