What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

Amir Fleschwund

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Nov 29, 2008
Two for Thursday. The Giant Mouse GMF1-F landed today. Ima think I'll like this knife! Very similar to my Nessmi, but can be very easily carried in my pocket. Lovely sheath too.
Paired up with an Ohta Wharncliffe trapper.
That was worth setting a trap for.
Is that flat ground?

Jack Black

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Dec 2, 2005
Two for Thursday. The Giant Mouse GMF1-F landed today. Ima think I'll like this knife! Very similar to my Nessmi, but can be very easily carried in my pocket. Lovely sheath too.
Paired up with an Ohta Wharncliffe trapper.

Like it Gary :) Nice-looking sheath too :cool: :thumbsup:

Got my Hartshead Barlow in my pocket yet again, and an old IXL Penknife for Old Friends Friday :) Have a great day everyone :thumbsup:



5K Qs

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Jul 20, 2014
Tuesday’s easy carry…
View attachment 1583257
A great one to all :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Sensational knife, Gus!

Got an envelope via US Mail yesterday from JohnDF. I’m now a proud owner of one of his slips. Really, pocket sheath, or pocket holster may be more accurate. And he didn’t send it empty!
This Boker Jack was in it...Sweet, sweet knife. The sound it makes snapping open from half stop, and closing from half stop is pure music.
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Being trapper Tuesday, the big Case is riding snug in the sheath. The Boker will get the dirty work because as John said, “they made them good back then.”
Thank you, JohnDF!
Congrats on the handsome sheath and the solid Böker, Jeff! Kudos to John for his ongoing magnanimity!

I switched to this SW beauty.


Today I switched back to my large Boker stockman in stag and 440C. Dang, this is a nice knife!


Couple of captivating stockman examples, Jeff!

On the road with these two today. Have a blessed day!

Relatively recent knives, but they both look vintage, Jon!

Going with an old favorite today, I'll just be staying home today and it will be keeping me company.
I always enjoy seeing your special gunstock, John!

I'm toting this pair today.
Handsome horned horse on the Barlow, and a sweet swell-center whittler, Rachel!

Sine I was hurting so bad yesterday, I called my mailman and asked if he'd deliver my mail to the house instead of the mail boxes up the road since I wasn't doing too good. He did (the advantage of living in a small town) and this Case Single Blade Sowbelly with a Navy theme was in the mail so, it too is going to the Wagon Wheel Cafe. Granted the etch is a bit much but it'll wear off with use. The Navy Blue bone covers are perfect. Hurried picture. I'll get more and better pictures later.

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View attachment 1583335
Congrats on the true blue Navy knife, ED!

These two for Tuesday.

You're well-equipped with that dandy duo, Mike!

Tossed these two in my pocket for my Tuesday totes. :)
JJ, the CJ Barlow is a Captivating Jack!

And ya know Douk-Douks are a little ugly.
I blame the mirror :mad: ...

"Douk-Douk" is a repetitive name, but you have a lot of Douk-Douk variety in that trio, Jim!

Gorgeous photos all around, Gary. I especially the matching photos of your two SAKs. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Thanks, Dean.
The same can be said of your Barlow on Bark pic!

That's a superb friction folder, José! How big is it? Is that a quail on the blade?

Ravishing red bone on your Case stockman, Steve!

Very nice... Case seem to do a good Sowbelly.
Thanks, John.
I'm quite pleased with all of my sowbelly stockman examples, regardless of maker!

On a pal’s deck just sittin’ back…
Chartreuse and pearly…
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A great nite to all :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
That's an interesting knife :thumbsup:

Excellent pairing :thumbsup:

That's a beauty, and inspiring...;)

Hope everyone is having a good week, the Guardians thread reached 50,000 posts yesterday, so it seemed appropriate to carry my 2017 Guardians SFO, and I'm adding this Abram Brooksbank ;) Please enter the giveaway linked to in my sig line :thumbsup:


Propitious, pulchritudinous pearl knives, Gus & Jack!
Jack, your Guardians horn lambsfoot is a real showpiece, too!

Beautiful gift and great remembrance of Ron!
Thanks, Jeff.

All this Barlow talk around the 2021 BF Traditional Club Knife has me pining to carry one. Boker USA 492 for today. OH
I'm not really much of a Barlow fan, but a Böker Barlow like your beauty has always appealed to me for some reason, Bruce!

Thanks Gary, all the rain helps keep it green here ;) :D :thumbsup:

Do you know, it's so long since I carried that knife, I can't even remember if I've ever sharpened it or not! I do have a vague recollection, but not a detailed one. Story of my life these days! :rolleyes: ;) :thumbsup:
Finally getting some rain here as I type, Jack; in fact, it's a rather torrential downpour that has just revealed that there's a leak in the roof over the back porch. (About a dozen drops falling just behind my left shoulder when the rain and the wind were both at their most intense.)

Greensleeves and Swamp Suzy for the farm this morning.
Admirable pair, Jer! How are you liking that Case cross-draw sheath?

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Hard for me to capture the hues and contrasts in the pile side of this whaler,it has interesting grain on that side imho.
I agree about the grain on the walnut Whaler, David; very cool the way it curves in a different direction at the butt end than at the pivot end!

3 intriguing "international" knives with folded metal handles! I have all 3 models, and am surprised how the comfort of the handles varies among them. I think the Mercator is most comfortable in hand, followed by the Douk-Douk, with the Higonokami quite uncomfortable for anything but brief use.

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Wooden Wednesday with a Lamb that @Old Engineer gave me, and a whittler for Whittler Wednesday that @Half/Stop gave me. :) View attachment 1583846 Have one heckuva good day!
3 superb gifts pictured there, Jeff!

Happy Wednesday! Orange you all glad this week is half over? ;)

Heavenly humpback, Mike!

The Jack and a Big’un Lambfoot for today. 😉👍
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Praiseworthy pair, Todd!

I'm carrying my Case Sheepsfoot in Walnut bone for Wooden Wednesday.

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So simple, so handsome!

Around the horn this afternoon ...

Impressive covers on your lambsfoot!

Out early in the morning, and thought I'd have a Double Lambsfoot Day :) :) :thumbsup:


Distinguished double lambs, Jack!

Your twin Bulldog Barlows are sensational, José!

- GT

screened porch

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Feb 19, 2012
Admirable pair, Jer! How are you liking that Case cross-draw sheath?
I like it a lot. No fear of losing the knife, but it feels a little ostentatious. I'll get over that,though. Who's going to notice an ostentatious detail on my majestic gestalt?


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Sep 2, 2004
That was worth setting a trap for.
Is that flat ground?
Thanks Jeff. Yes it's a high flat grind, 5mm M390 with a PVD stonewash.
Like it Gary :) Nice-looking sheath too :cool: :thumbsup:
Thanks Jack. I'm happy with it.
The sheath is really well made, and makes for a very secure carry in the pocket or on the belt. It's in my pocket right now! Both knife and sheath made in Maniago, Italy.

Amir Fleschwund

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Nov 29, 2008
Schrade 194OT, and Robeson 12227 EO Jack, 1922-39 3EA860F4-9C11-4B66-AC88-74090DCF6970.jpeg C7B21D01-C52E-4FD1-AA73-AFE5D1D91299.jpeg Ok, this is funny. I thought to do a search using “Robeson 12227 eo jack”.
The very first search result was my exact knife, with a highly detailed description. His description of it’s having been subjected to the drooling ministrations of a demented Fluffer ‘n Buffer, the photos, and naming of the identical marks leave no doubt it’s my knife. I did not buy it from this guy, so it’s been passed around a bit.
There was a time when I optimistically decided the scales were ebony, but it looks like I was overly optimistic.
Here’s the link ~ it’s a long expired sales ad, but worth reading just to see an honest and THOROUGH knife description!



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Feb 4, 2021
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Thanks a lot Gary, that Remi UMC is my top copy, almost perfect!
Thanks also for the homework as those rarely seen English terms were enlightening… now using them properly with rhythm and flow is another matter altogether!! Pearly is a sweet one indeed.

Today’s simple carry…
A kool Friday, and weekend to all:cool: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: