What's inside a mini socom?

Jul 5, 1999
I know there's a microtech forum, but this one has more knowledgeable respondents.
I know what is inside a Sebenza and an AFCK, am interested in construction of blade pivot area, washers, bushings, detents etc.
Can't seem to find a drawing.
If anyone knows please feel free to clue me in. I've heard it doesn't have washers, and am thinking that the blade rubbing against the anodized aluminum is what makes it hard to break in. Just a theory. Am planning to acquire one.
Thanks ThomM
you are correct, no washers. the unique unseen piece of most microtech folders is the pivot bushing. hard to describe without a pic but it is basically a hole within a hole (that didn't quite sound right!). any way the blade actually pivots around the bushing not around the through pin/pinch bolt. or is it the other way around!? picture the blade out of the knife and it has a rather large hole at the pivot area (like a small spyderco thumb hole), too big to fit snugly around the through pin. the bushing fits snugly in the blade hole and the through pin/pinch bolt then goes through the bushing. oh yea, the aluminum handle is machined with raised 'washer like' areas on each side of the pivot area, sort of built in washers. the blade does have a firm holding detent hole with ball on the liner. and finally, no, tightening the pivot screw does not tighten the blade (chigago style screw, tightens only onto itself), tension is factory set. any one else want to give it a try!!....dmc

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When you say "Hole In A Hole", I think you may mean a bearing. A bushing is a piece of bronze or other metal designed to cause some measure or reduced friction in the action of the knife. A Bearing is a hole in a hole, the inside part spins independently of the outside part, and there is usually (if i is a well made bearing) a teflon or rubber sealed ring to keep dirt out of the mechanism.


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Thanks DMC, you made it pretty clear to me.

I knew I could count on this forum!
Mercury, it is a bushing, a load bearing bushing used in this case to reduce friction and probably as I understand to eliminate side pressure from tightening the bolt, this makes it a spacer also. A bushing only needs a rubber cover if it contains balls that require lubricant to be kept packed around them. A bushing is also a proper name of an item to fill a space (as it does on the socom, that space between the handles). I think the Socom is similar to the Sebenzain the pivot area, but the Sebenza is better because it has a lubricating type of washer to lessen friction between the handle and blade. I therefore believe I'm right in beleiving the Socom has to wear away material between the machined area of the handles and the blade and the bushing for smooth operation. This would not be necessary in that great of a degree in the Sebenza.

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