What's the jewel of your collection?

Oct 21, 1998
After reading through the thread of people's inventory of knives, I was wondering: do you have a favorite in your collection? Whether it's because of monetary or sentimental value, or the relative rarity, what knife would you go running back into a burning building to retrieve?

For me I think it would be my William Henry Spearpoint with jigged bone handles. For one thing, it's my most expensive knife. But it's also such a great looking knife and so well built together with precision that to me it's a perfect example of the craftsmanship that can be done with a knife. My M2 Mini-AFCK would be a close second just on its coolness factor.

That is tough. I would say that my favorite knife, based on pleasure of ownership, is my Black Cloud Knives fourth generation Fighting Bowie. Its name is Hummingbird. A little file work on the spine, Ebony handle scales, and a cutting edge that is a work of art in itself. It fits my handle like it were my own bone and sinew, and moves like a ... hummingbird.

In terms of materials and design, my Darrel Ralph Krait takes top honors.

In terms of precision, fit, and finish, my John W. Smith Model 2 "P" folder is unsurpassed.

My Stan Fujisaka folder. Gold andonized Ti frame engraved by Bruce Shaw,Ivory scales the blade is ATS-34 with a liner lock.

I have 2:

A custom designed and handmade damascus fixed blade from Rob Simonich.

My deceased Dad's Marine issue KA-BAR
- Emerson handmade CQC8 "Bananna"
- Chris Reeve Damascus Sebenza with cubic zirconia inlay
- Mad Dog Mirage-X Operator in Cammo
- Chris Reeve small Sebenza (my best friend!)

Well, I recently obtained the first knife that I will never carry, save in a pouch. It is a Chris Reeve Sebenza, with rain drop pattern Damascus. It is drop dead beautiful; a true work of art. I would consider letting only one person borrow it, and she would have to wash her hands first.
I would have to say my new Ed Fowler "Pronghorn".

What is an Ed Fowler "Pronghorn"? Go to the Custom Knife Forum and see! Or click the link below!

Ed Fowler Knife 4


P.S. Walt, what is to be gained by impling that DC has dirty hands?

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For toughness, utility and simplicity of design (Win's Holy Trinity of Knife Criteria), my prize fixed blade is my Chris Reeve Mountaineer II. The Mad Dog hasn't come in yet, so that could change. Favorite folder is still the Sebenza.

For sheer beauty and craftsmanship, my Polkowski CQ Fighter stands alone.


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Does anyone need ask

To all: designing your own piece from a "blank sheet" and then guiding it through developement is an intensely gratifying process. And if you "tune it" to your hand and personal style, a damned effective one...

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For fixed blades it would be this.

It is called the Devil's Right Hand and is made by Harold Corby. This is the prototype and it appeared on the cover of Blade a few years back. It has 3 interchangable D guards and is ATS-34. It is really fun to hold.

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Hi guys,
I know this isn't going to compare well to the above mention master pieces but the piece I have that I like the most for it's beauty for some odd reason is my Kershaw Big Joe in sanda wood scales that I have spent literally dozens of hours hand polishing. The thing gleams like a mirror. I have my initials engraved on one side and "Kodiak Alaska" on the other. It's a cheap knife, cost me about $48. There is blade wobble. It hold a nice razor sharp edge, though and I will keep it forever.

Now next month I get my Sebenza so let's repost this question on feb 20th!



Without a doubt my Mad Dog Cougar. Kevin recently told me that it is one of only two EVER produced. And to think, I was considering selling it to "move up" to a Panther.

Most certainly a toughie to answer. I note folks have posted knives picked because of cost, uniqueness, great feel, design involvement, or sentimental value.

I guess it comes down to this for me...

There's this Ek M5 Bowie that I had customized and engraved with my name and rank by the then Ek Custom Shop back in early '91. Spent more hours than I care to admit fashioning a set of cocobolo scales that completely enclose the tang. The finger grooves are fashioned such that one is prominent forming a mini-sub hilt. I had previously left active duty about 3 years short of 20, becoming a reservist due to my having become a single parent. Although no longer assigned to the CHB, the Battalion Exec, a friend and nuclear shipyard co-worker, had me "on call" to go to the Gulf but gave me a reprieve with less than 24 hours to go. I was to have been a grafted staffer... an experienced cargo handling battalion (the Navy's only commissioned reserve units... no active counterpart) detachment supply corps officer to fill the vacant lone civil engineer billet. Some CE guy due to be discharged from active duty got extended and assigned instead. The unit ended being among the first in country and last out with an over 30% incidence of Gulf War Syndrome. Many of these guys I knew when I was their detachment OIC, so I have mixed emotions about it. That Ek never fails to stir emotions... built expressly to take to war but never carried into harms way.

And, as an "also ran", of course my Simonich Wambli. As the first Talonite blade made; as a product of an extremely enjoyable collaboration with a neat maker; and as an exceptional utility blade, it holds a special significance too.


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Dake D/A lockback auto with MOP scales, damascus bolster and center of handle release button, file-worked spine.

Though I haven't yet received it, I have no doubt that the jewel of my collection is going to be the Carson Model 4 that Kit is currently finishing up for me.

It will feature jigged red bone handles, a satin finished 420v blade, titanium bolster and filework on the back spacer.

From the pix Kit has been kind enough to share with me during its making, it is a true beauty.

And to top it off, other than the bone itself, Kit makes every part except the screws. A true artist.


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Mine you'd have to be one that was given to me by my Great Uncle,A MSA Gladstone,Mich 8" Leather/Stag Butt w/sheath all in mint condition. ~Keith~
A real tough question to answer. First, I should say that my collection does not follow any particular theme or style. Pick a category & I probably have several to match.

About the only one I've ever really "put away" is a Sam McDowell hand-scrimshawed Barlow style. It was made in Japan by Kai Cutlery, has two "surgical stainless steel" blades, brass liners, engraved nickel-silver bolsters, highly polished bone handles with a scrimshawed scene of a landing (taking off?) mallard.

I had gotten it as a trade several years back and could never bring myself to use it.

My favorite fixed blade is an old No. 6 Randall Sportsman's Bowie. I have had that blade since the fall of 1961 and I love it!
My favorite folder is a Spyderco Terzuola Clipit from the late 1980s. I love it as well. I still carry the Randall in the woods, but I can't carry the Terzuola Clipit in Washington, D.C. as the blade is too long. I also have been told that it is very valuable and I do not wish to risk losing it.
I have an A.T. Barr folder on order that I'm looking forward to receiving. A.T. should be starting it sometime next month.
Not a moment's hesitation - my A. T. Barr clip point (see at http://www.customknives.com/fold6.htm, pix19). I have several knives that cost me more, including one from A. T., but the low-impact bead-blasted clip-point is my personal fave.
I carry this knife about 90% of the time I'm out of the house. If I'm going formal (VERY rare, fortunately), I have a choice of a several smaller, much more elegant knives. I won't carry my favorite (or pack it in my luggage - even paranoids lose luggage) if I'm going out of town by commercial air. Otherwise, that's my friend, my toy, and my buddy. If the house is on fire, that comes right after my wife (I've had her longer, and I'm kinda used to her by now).