What's your "Camp Knife or Knives"?

Oct 25, 1998
First off, I didn't this new topic to start any conflicts. I just want to see what everyone uses when they go camping. For me I carry a few knives. 1. my Ka-Bar, I use this as an utility knife, I use it hard and has not let me down. 2. next is a Benchmade Ascent, this is my kitchen knife, I don't know why, but it does well in fixing my supper. 3. my last knife is one that I made out of D-2, it has a short, narrow blade 3"x7/8". A shape similer blade shape to the AFCK/Ascent. I use this knife to gut and skin all the game that I collect, it holds an edge extremely well.

Well these are my favorites, what are yours.


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my favorite camp knives are my randall model 5 with stag handle,my case xx-changer and a good hatchet.I also carry a case pocket knife,but it fits more into the daily carry routine.

Depending on the terrain, the length of the trip, and if I'm backpacking or hunting, I'll carry a different mix of knives. Among those I pull from are a Cold steel Trailmaster Carbon-V, Melvin Dunn D2 hunter, Guy Heilscher damascus 4" custom hunter, EDI Genesis I folder, Chris Reeves large Sebenza or a Buck 110DM damascus-stag folder. A SAK and Gerber multitool often get packed as well.

Hey Bob,

You forgot to mention your Spyderco Moran!

Yes I know, I sound like a broken record, but... It always cracks me up when guys show up to camp with their thick strong tactical knives. I know they'll be asking to borrow my knife soon enough. They always come.

For civilian camping, most knife use is spent on food prep. After that, cutting moleskin and bandages, miscellaneous cordage and the like, whittling walking sticks and hot dog sticks, etc.

My favorite camp knife is the A.G. Russell Deerhunter. It's got a whisper-thin ATS-34 drop-point blade, fully flat ground to provide a knife that's scary sharp. It cuts much better than most everything else out there. Great ergonomic handle. PERFECT sheath for camping. The zytel sheath works one-handed, and attaches via a swivel clip. I can clip the knife to my belt loop, then my pack, then a nearby tree, etc., all without taking off my belt.

The blade holds up well to the above type cutting I mentioned, plus game dressing, which is 95% of my cutting needs in camp. The blade is stainless, a compromise I know, but other people always end up borrowing my knives, and the stainless doesn't rust apart when someone accidently leaves it in the lemon-juice tin, or wet on the ground, etc. I sometimes sound pre-occupied with other people in my party borrowing or using my knives, but there's good reason for that -- people are borrowing my knife all the time. If you're not running into the same thing, you gotta wonder why! Everyone has knives, but they still come to me to borrow mine.

For chopping & splitting, I'll bring a 12" machete (which replaced my small hatchet). Machetes aren't the best splitters in the world, but here where I camp, there's very little need for that anyway, and gathering your own wood is prohibited in many places anyway. The machete is nexpensive, and easily handles the "big-knife" jobs.

Deerhunter for "small-knife jobs. Machete for "big-knife" jobs. Next trip, I'll be taking my Rinaldi TKK to see if it can replace the Deerhunter; it's been working well in the kitchen so far.


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You got me! Actually I haven't taken the Spydie Moran in the field yet... daily to work yes, so I left it out. The newly acquired Sebenza went with me on a day hike recently. I know Frank Norman has skinned with his Moran but I've yet to.

The next time I'm heading woodwards, I know what my combo will be:

Mad Dog WSP1 (ATAK variant) for heavy stuff, Myerchin A500 stainless sheepsfoot 4" FB for main food-prep uses, folder or Gerber Multiplier for anything needing a "light touch".

The MD isn't so good at food prep unless you like the taste of the gun oil it wears as a light coat. I don't like folders for food prep due to the "old unsanitary crud in the pivot" issue. The A500 might be serrated, but the design is *very* easy to fully clean, it's got an excellent edge, it's well-tempered 440A so it's very stain resistant. And has low sheeple freakout value if it's a social setting, I've cut into pizza at a Round Table with it.

This might add up to some compromises, but it's extremely close to my daily loadout. I don't believe in altering carry methods very often. I'm not yet *always* packing the MD, that's a weekend-only proposition so far. In a CCW state, that'd change in a hurry.

Jim March
I usually carry an EK Commando for the basics along with a Swiss Army Knife Champion for everything else.
I also carry a set of utensils that nest together. (Made by Coleman. Cheap and functional...)
Of course, I bring along my Gerber Multi-Pliers for anything requiring pliers...

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For most trips, I take a Bob Dozier New York Special (similar to the Arkansas toothpick) for a fixed blade and my mini-AFCK as a backup. Both are excellent for food prep and typical camp chores and the Dozier will hold an edge forever. If I will be gone longer, or traveling in rougher country (such as the Boundary Waters) I'll take my Randall Model 5 for heavier cutting and a folding saw for real heavy cutting. I've travelled with people carrying larger knives, such as a Randall Model 14, and in most cases they have to really try to find a reason to use such a large knife.
I'm a "kit" person:

9" Khukri for chopping and splitting
Buck 105
5" fillet

and the ubiquitous SAK
Ok, here goes...
Ontario SP-10 Raider
Gerber gator, 440 comboedge
Gerber LST
Leatherman Wave
Schrade 158 guthook sharpfinger

My Wife:
Buck Nighthawk
Gerber gator, ATS34 comboedge
Gerber Gatormate, straightedge
Gerber Multitool

My son: (5 years old)
Buck 444

Hmmmm, we can do pretty much everything we need. Whoops, I forgot my old case XX pocketworn...

Cool choice for your boy.

Prompts me to start a new thread