Where are all the Hawkbill type folders....

Mar 19, 1999
hello people, this is one reason why i love spyderco a little better than all the rest of the knife companies out there. In one word "VARIETY", in all the spyderco knives i have, i got to say my G-10 Civilian full serr. and all steel harpy are the sickest and most fascinating blades i own, there are not to many companies making hawkbill, or what i call them, "claw blades". I recommend to Benchmade, Coldsteel, and all the rest to make blades like the Civilian, there just awesome. I train all the time with my Civilian, a great ripper as i call it, when i go jogging or walking i always carry 2 knives, my Civilian, and my left handed mini-afck plain edge.-a great pair.
There is a Hawkbilled Cuda coming out...look back a couple of weeks in th Camillus forum...looks sweet..

Although it's been discontinued you may still be able to find a Kershaw Talon which is a very smooth operating liner lock with titanium handle and hawkbill blade. Also the Microtech Kestrel is coming. Take care.

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I believe the reason you don't see any other knives quite like the Civilian is because Spyderco put a patent on the reverse S-curve blade style. At least that's my recollection, wish I could still find the little letter that came with mine. Do they still give you that letter, about the "white hats" and such? Anyhow, it's a very single-purpose blade and sacrifices nearly all utility in the process (unless you work on a galleon or something, lotta rope...)

More traditional hawksbills are associated with pruning, primarily; you could try Opinel for one of those
. In addition to what's been mentioned already, Columbia River Knife and Tool makes the Seahawk (a variant of their Apache) and the Masters of Defense series has the Lady Hawk if you don't mind a small knife (and everyone should own a Cricket). I dunno about this MT Kestrel, but I played with a few hawksbill Microtechs some time back. Don't know if that's the same knife or what, but they were very nice (and included the first serrated Microtechs I believe).

Hawksbills are out there, though they aren't the most numerous of designs. But you have a Civilian, right? What else could you possibly need


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)"

YES!! LOL. That's great, Corduroy. I don't know how many people will recognize it, though. I'm in elementary ed and it took me a minute.
Glad you appreciate it
. Also happy to see I'm not the only bear in these parts (I assume you're that sort of "pooh.")


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Do yourself a favor.Grab a Kershaw Talon
from the Bladeforums store.I got mine last
Friday and am impressed.Fit and finish are
better then expected.Passed the lock test and
opens more smoothly then any other knife I
own.For $50 includeing shipping you can't
find so much for so little anywhere.