Where can I get G10 GunnerGrips for my Almar Sere Operator???.


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Jul 20, 2003
Does anyone know where and if I can buy the G10 Gunner Grips for my almar sere operator?. I know there was one knife store that sold the sere operators with those gunner grips, but I cant remember what it was. Thanks in advance. :)
Jun 4, 1999
I remember seeing that thread. I believe it was new grahm but I am not sure. If you do a search on the sere operator it will show up. I wicsh you could get jsut the grips. The knives taht they had them on were the older 154cm operator. If I couldfind gunners seperate from the knife I would buy a S30V operator and put them on it. I like that knife but havent made a purchase yet. The gunners would push me over the edge on that purchase though.

I wonder is Christine Simonich would consider doing a run of them and if they still have the CNC machine progrram for them............