Where to carry knives in cars?



Hey Everybody,
This is my first post. I just found this site and I think I am going to like it. But anyway this is funny because the last few days I have begun to think more and more about where I carry my knife while I am driving. A little while back there were a string of carjackings, in some incidents the drivers were left unharmed but in others several of the drivers were beaten and in on instance a driver was killed. I would probably be the last person in the world to want to get into a fight using a knife - if somebody wants my car that bad they can have it and I will let my insurance agent buy me a new one. However, if I felt my life were in danger there's no point not using a knife (if thats your best means of defense) to protect yourself.
Then of course there is also the scenario of the upside down car where for some reason or another someone might need to cut themselves free of a seatbelt.
I guess my question is where do you guys keep your knife (or knives) while driving? I always carry a pocket knife (such as a Spyderco or a Benchmade) but if I leave it in my pocket the seatbelt goes right across the top of the pocket and the knife is very difficult to draw quickly or easily. On the other hand if I take the knife out of my pocket and lay it in the console beside me it may not be there when I need it.
Do you guys keep knives in your car? If so where? If you just have your carry knife where do you keep it so its easily accesible?
I hope this hasn't already been discussed. I haven't seen this topic anywhere. Is there a search feature I've missed?

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Good question! I personally keep a folder clipped to my visor overhead. Right now a BM 750. The visor was kind of thick, so I just cut a small slot in the seam for the clip to go into. You can hardly tell it's there, but easily accessable. Also have a Wenger SAK in the glove compartment. At other times I've clipped a REKAT Hobbit Warrior to my right side seat belt brace. Comes right out in a reverse grip. I've also seen where you can take a neck knife, like a REKAT Fang, and loop it around the steering wheel column, hanging it to one side or the other. These all work well. Better make sure and check your local concealed carry laws though, some of these my be considered concealed!

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I always have my Calypso Jr in my pocket and a SAK on the keychain.

I also have a older Gerber Guardian that goes in the car. About a 15 years ago, I found a harness/belt set for the Guardian at a gun and knife show that had an extra sheath with a velcro backing. I buy the stick-on velcro strips at a fabric store and put a strip under the dash. I have a velcro strip under the dash of each car I own and move the knife and sheath from car to car as needed.


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There was a thread on this very topic just recently. A bit of searching through the old archives will turn it up for sure.

About a year ago, I had my worst car accident. The road turned to the left, but I was going to fast and there was ice on the road and so my car did not turn. Instead, my car became airborne off of a very steep shoulder. Unfortunately, my car could not generate enough lift to overcome gravity. The car rotated 180 degrees in the air and I and the car fell upside-down about 15 feet down to a field where we hit a big rock and then rolled two and a half times around coming to a stop upright. I then opened the door of the car and stepped out.

This is a very strong testament to the GM W-body (an Olds Cutlass Supreme, in my case), and to the importance of wearing seatbelts. Airbags are no help in a rollover accident.

After overcoming the inital shock, I stared at all my stuff strewn out everywhere. Every window in the car had broken. Everything I had had with me in the car had come out and was somewhere else.

I found my AFCK, which had been in my front pocket, a few feet from the car.

I found a CQC7 which had been stored, closed, of course, in the glove box, locked open on the floor in the back seat.

During the accident, all of this stuff was flying around me. I remember being hit by several things, though not seriously.

A car accident can be a very violent thing, much more so than I suspect most people who haven't been through it imagine. Anything that is not bolted down can come loose and become a flying projectile.

Every storage compartment in your car, the glove box, the arm rest, the ash trays, every compartment, is going to come open and spill its contents into the air around you.

So, please be very careful about what you store and carry in the car with you. Don't take anything into the passenger compartment that you wouldn't want to be hit in the head with. Don't store anything in any of the storage compartments that opens into the passenger compartment that you wouldn't want to get hit in the head with.

If you want to keep a knife or other dangerous object in the car with you, be sure that it's fastened down very firmly.

The proper use of a knife as a weapon is non-obvious, and it's not what you've seen on TV and in the movies. If you want to carry a knife as a weapon, I strongly suggest you pursue some training in the subject.


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By KnifeNut law you should keep one in EACH of the following places.
Center Console
Wife's Pocket or Pocket Book
Kid's pocket
Reverse cliped under dash
On door panel pocket
In door panel pocket
If your overhead covering has a hole keep one in there
And of course one should always be hanging from your rear view mirror next to the fuzzy dice and crystal ball a green pine tree shaped air freshner that no longer works

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I am working out a design to be put into play soon for dual purpose sheath tht would adhere do the side of th center console or under the dash and also be carried i belt for 4" or so fixed blade, positlve retention for the knife an easy access hould you need it. Remember, "a 350 v8 beats a .45 any day for fighting or running away." (Colonel Jeff Cooper) Gollnick has an extremel critical point and in adherence to it I try to keep all unnecessary crap out of my car and if it needs to be in my car, in a briefcase or satchel or something. Less stuff flying around means les itty bitty stuf to find its way into my eye or spinal column. I do carry a Large Yoyager clip point in the armrest, it will soon be replaced by a four inch fixed blade or perhaps a five incher (Air Assault?)

Make sure your car knife can pas as a utility rig whatever the size as the local fuzz will probably not care to see a Jim Hammond Flesh Eater in the car as they write you up for twelve over.
Don't laugh Mr. Turber, but there have been times when I just about had that many knives in my car. One day I counted six (that didn't include the multi-tool in my fanny pack with my P-12.)

I think one of the best reasons for having a knife handy is in case an assault while in your car. This is assuming you can't drive away or run the SOB over. My pistol is often on my hip or under my seat, and could be inaccessable. If someone is reaching in an open (or broken) window, it's good to have an edge available to either hand, to help dissuade them further aggression. C'ya

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I wonder if violent motion in an automobile accident might be another argument for lockbacks instead of liner locks. The backspring will normally pull the blade back into the handle if it bounces open. The ball bearing speed bump in a liner lock won't.

My personal belief is that a truck cab or the inside of a car , especially the driver's side, does not offer enough space to open a folder in a stressful situation, and when under stress we panic and fumble more. My thinking is that a small, stiff, fixed blade wouldbe optimal in a vehicular setting, 4" or less for mobility, preferably serrated. Alot of people carry knives on the steering column, but that is awkward for me to have to reach around the steering wheel. I personally prefer the visor myself, but that is personal taste, and somewhat out of necessity because my truck is small and does not offer too many good spots to hide a knife ('83 Toyota 4x4).

Finding a spot for a knife in a vehicle is the same as finding a place for your gun in the car, except that because of its size, it should be easier to find a spot for a knife.

The qualities I look for for a knife nook are, 1)easily accessable with natural movements, and within arm's reach, no stretching or bending, or looking awkward getting it. 2)It should be concealed well enough that casual by-passers cannot just see it in your car. 3) It should be in a spot that will not easily get covered up by groceries, snacks, coats, etc. 4) It helps if it is accessable with either hand. 5)Take into consideration what Gollnick mentioned about accidents.

For me, all that leaves in my truck is the visor. Personal habits, size of car, size of you, and type of knife/sheath/carry system all are considerations.


It is not a matter of whether or not you are paranoid, it is a matter of whether or not you are paranoid enough.
A lot of guys have said they clip their folder right to the seat belt in front of them for easy access in case of any emergency but after that description of the accident I'm not so sure it would still be there; a backup in a secure position would be nice.

For car-jacks, John Kary over at American Combatives likes to keep a fixed blade some where in the vicinity between the passenger seat and the passenger door - in the door or under the seat edge. If the jacker tells you to move over, then he is stealling you , not just the car and the #1, first rule of survival is never never go with a criminal to a secondary location where he has provided himself with safety and security to get his 'needs filled'. Do or die time here, folks.

You should probably be willing to let a jacker have the car and go for the insurance but if he's after you, hit first, hit often and hit hard!

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My fixed blade fits real nicely in between my seat and the support of the armrest. Easily accessible with both hands, noone can see it if I'm sittng there. passenger has access to it.

Some cars have those places which you can slip maps and other paper stuff inside of a pocket on the door. I clip my Spyderco C14 to this. Close enough to reach down and grab, yet remains in the shadows away from "prying eyes".

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I have found that the passenger side visor is the ideal place to keep that "just in case" knife. For years I've kept a 3 3/4" fixed blade in a SNUG fitting leather sheath clipped to that visor. In that time it has been a great source of comfort for me. Very easy to reach, no need to fumble with a folder during a HIGH stress situation and it's out of sight of the general public's prying eyes. This works for me because my car sits kinda low to the ground. If you have one of those trucks that require a step ladder or mountain climbing skills to get into, more people are gonna get a casual look at it. Not good news if you have somehow drawn the attention of a hardnose LEO.
This is a bit of a sticky situation because you don't want to alarm the John Q's @ large and you don't want to be accused of carrying a concealed weapon either. This little offense has given criminal records to more otherwise law abiding people than I care to reflect upon. Find out what constitutes a concealed weapon in your neck of the woods and make a decision accordingly.
As for myself, my life is more important than the infraction and I take my chances every day. The knife remains in the visor.

Good Luck and stay safe!
Hi Tek (looks like you;ve scored on your first post!)

I carry two blades in my truck, one CS Recon Scout in sheath secured under driver's seat and a Spydie Goddard in a small recessed compartment on dash near the steering column.

Happily I've never had to deal with carjackers, et al, but when in unfamiliar urban areas AND my "trouble-radar" is flashing, I'll open the folder and stick the blade into the lighter/ashtray drawer and close it. It keeps the knife handle ready for use, the closed drawer keeps the blade safe and, if needed, it slids out very easily.

Best advise, get out the area BEFORE your radar finds trouble and then close the knife!

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I have a small pouch that holds a cpr barrier mask (I'm First Responder trained) that has 2" wide velcro straps to attach to your belt. This is my spare one so I have secured it tightly around the stick shift in my truck. Normally I attach my black R.J.Martin Kozuka to it in the down position. the Kozuka is so slim and unobtrusive that unless you really look and know its there you can't see it (and its almost invisible in the dark). Its below the stick shift knob so it does'nt get in the way while shifting. I had a friend riding in my truck with me that never even noticed it until I used it to cut some rope we were using. I've also attached whatever clip-on I'm wearing on it when I don't have the Kozuka with me (which is'nt often). I've taken the truck over some pretty bumpy roads and never had a problem with it "jarring loose". Otherwise (or as well!) I clip a small boot knife on the visor.
I use to carry an ice pick stuck into my seat. It was just under the seat, next to my right leg. Looked like it was the seat adjuster or something. Never had to use it, but did have to grip it a few times.

I keep a stiff Kiss looped around my steering colummn so that it's on the ignition side and pretty invisible yet very easy to reach and draw.
I used to keep a Gerber Clip-Lock fixed blade clipped to the passenger visor. Then that was replaced by my SOG Pentagon. Right now, nothing is in the Tank, but am thinking either my CS push dagger (which will make some officer veddy happy to see and arrest),my CS mini-Tanto, or my Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn full sized. I used to keep an old Air Force survival knife under the seat of my old truck, but that kept getting moved out of position. I also keep a Mini-Mag with a red-lense clipped up there, am going to have to do a study of this situation.

Further updates as events warrant.
Later, Jeff

Anybody seen the bactine, please?!?!?!?

Thanks Chuck,

Your car crash, rollover, knives & stuff everywhere story gives me pause.

I am a firm believer in carrying car knives where they can be reached quickly. However, my knives are not secure enough to stay in place during a rollover accident. This needs to be corrected. However, the restraint system cannot be allowed to slow down access to the knife.

Parker, let us know how well your dual purpose designed sheath works out.

I would hate to have that bushman flying around inside my car - scary thought.
I keep a Cold Steel Scimitar clipped to the inside of the console lid. It seems to be lined with a Kydex type of material, so cut a slot in it and heated it with a micro torch. Then pryed the slot out with a screw driver and while it was still warm I shoved the Scimitar's clip into the slot and it formed to the clip. The Scimitar is held tightly enough that it doesn't rattle but will slide out easey once the the lid is up.