Where to find sword blade blanks?

Jan 13, 1999
Anyone know where I can find unheat-treated sword blade blanks? I'm looking for both European and Japanese. Preferably stock removal for lower cost.

I'm hoping for something made of the L series steel for the Europeans and 1050, 1060, W1, or W2 for the Japanese types. I figure buying the blanks and heat treating it seperately is a lot cheaper.

God I miss Bob Engnath.
This isn't much help but I remember that Atlanta Cutlery sold katana type blanks. I haven't recieved their catalog in about a year so I don't know if they still do. Ted Frizzell of Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works makes swords out of 5160. He might sell you a blank. Unfortunately, I can't find his phone number or address. Maybe some other forumite can supply it.
The phone number for Ted Frizzell is
(501) 839-2516 and the address is
14056 Low Gap Road
West Fork, AR 72774