Which dealers will ship Priority?

Apr 15, 1999
I've been getting things very slowly by UPS lately, but US Postal Priority is very quick, and delivers on Saturdays. I'm trying to get a 710 Axis before Sunday, so I figure I need Priority if I don't want to pay an arm and a leg.

I know Top of Texas uses Priority (and they're super), but they may not have the Axis. Anyone know another dealer who ships this way, or will on request?


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You can try www.arrow-dynamics.com and look for Cecil.
I believe he has an Axis and he can deliver it to you either Priority, or EMS, which is way faster.

His price is also very good!
check him out!
I would venture to say any company that truly wants your business will ship U.S Priority Mail if you ask them to. For that matter, any means of shipment should be offered to the customer, afterall, businesses depend on it's customers to survive, so, make the customer happy! "The Customer Is Always Right".

If not, it would tell me that they really don't want or need your money. You have to be competitive as well as diversified if you want to make it in this world of ours! Of course this is just my opinion, now .....

Hey, after all, don't all businesses receive US mail in the USA? If not, they should!



All my purchases from Discount Knives were via. U.S. Postal Priority mail and Brian keeps a pretty good inventory.


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Corduroy, I'm pretty sure Knife Center of the Internet will do priority and their service is super quick.


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Try KnifeOutlet.com They have a good line of knives, and they ship Priority Mail. I personally use Priority Mail too, but then, I only sell khukuris

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I use priority mail mostly. It's faster than UPS ground and costs me less, though sometimes the post office line is a pain in the fundament when I want to ship it insured.

I have the same problem with UPS myself thus I ship Priority all the time.


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