Which is Stronger Buck 119 or Ka-Bar?

Aug 21, 2002
After reading the post about Ka-Bars, I am now wondering which knife you guys think is stronger, the Buck 119 or the Ka-Bar? I read about Ka-Bars failing (braking) under extreme conditions, has anyone ever heard about a 119 failing in the field under heavy abuse? Are the Ka-Bar next gens significantly stronger than the originals, and if so are they stronger than the 119?
No question in my mind, Ka-Bar.

FWIW, I'd rather have an original Mark II fighting utility, which is the one Camillus makes.

If you're looking for a 7" blade that won't fail, or cost a fortune, go with the Becker Knife & Tool BK7.

The Kabar will bend at the hilt long before the Buck does. That said, if you want a knife that is awful strong but cheap get a Becker Campanion or a British Army Mod 4. Keep in mind that the Kabar wins hands down in the economy market. Why compare apples to oranges?