Which knife should I buy!!!!


Mar 30, 1999
Ok-I am going to buy a knife in the next couple of days.Problem is i want so many of them!Dont we all!Anyways,I am looking at 4 in particular!All of thes knives are fairly comparable in price(within 20 bucks)! I would appreciate comments on any of these knives as well as other knives i should consider in the same price range!
OK these are the knives i am looking at!
2-REKAT-Pioneer/Tanto blade
The Benchmade 710 Axis lock. Excellent blade, good ergonomics, superb lock.

Should I just sign my name in reply to these things? Everybody knows what I am gonna' say.



Of the four knives you have mentioned, I'd probably get the REKAT Pioneer, but I'd get the drop point rather than the tanto.

The Axis Lock is pretty high on my list, but I won't buy it until after the new and improved Sharpmaker comes out. (I would have a hard time sharpening the recurved edge with the tools I presently own.) I also have some lingering doubts about the safety of the Axis Lock, due to the position of the lock release button on the side of the handle. If the spring strength has been increased since the first-production-run specimen I examined several months ago, as someone has claimed has happened, I'd buy one without reservations.

The Military is an excellent knife, but since I already own comparable tactical folders, I'm content to wait for the day (or year) when it will come out with the new rolling lock.

The Genesis doesn't really strike me as special in any important respect, with the possible exception of the deep concealment clip. With the Pioneer you get the Rolling Lock. With the Axis Lock you get the Axis Lock
. With the Military you get a primo flat-ground CPM-440v blade and a thumb hole that won't quit. I'm tempted to buy the Military just for the blade.

Have fun deciding. I love making these decisions.

David Rock

Almost as difficult as picking one out of four pretty ladies to be the lucky one. What the heck get them all, Chris. Top of Texas Knives

Military military go with mil got good lock up and can pick them up cheap usually from people selling them...........I own two already one of each
The only one of them has the CPM440V blade and the Spyder opening hole. Guess which one I would get.

All are very good choices.

I must say that I continue to be impressed by the EDI knives. I have not purchased a Benchmade liner lock for personal use since I pulled a Genesis out for myself. They are a very good knife with solid construction that will serve you very well for a verrrrryyyy lllooooonnnnngggg time

The Benchmade Axis lock is .... well .... , a great knife. The only current Benchmade product that could replace the EDI in my pocket. Yes, sharpening it may be a problem for some but, in my normal usuage, a factory edge lasts long enough that I could consider sending it back to the factory for a new edge when required.

The other two are also very good choices but, since they lack time in my pocket, I will defer to those with more actual hands on experience.

For a little more money you can have a Microtech Socom. The best production knife available. I think ABC Direct has them for $184.
Well since ya asked. I would get the Spyderco Military with the Rolling Lock. That takes 2 knives on your list and combines them into one knife. But if ya can't wait for the new Military, I would go with the Axis Lock.