Which one is better? Info needed


Oct 29, 1998
I'm thinking of buying a new folder. Some that I'm condsidering are the Emerson production models, new CQC7, SpecWar or Raven. Which one would you buy? Does anyone have first hand experience with these? I'm considering the spearpoint version.

Thanks in advance,
I saw the spearpoint CQC7 a few weeks ago at Beck's Cutlery. I liked it. It feels better in the hand then the old Benchmade 97X's and the spearpoint is ground on both sides. No chisel grind or whatever they call the grind on the Commander. I didn't do any liner-lock test, but it did seat almost in the middle of the blade. If ya get the chance try to handle one.
Thanks for the feedback, Blades. I might be leaning toward either the Raven or SpecWar. I came to this conclusion because I have two BM 970's (one plain, one combo). The
Raven might have a slight advantage because I'm curious about the Kydron handle.

Anyone else?

Thanks again,
I own both ravens and I realy like the feel of these knives.You won't go wrong with the ravens.