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White Lightening lubricant...

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
Got a small bottle of this stuff while at the Blade Show this year, I tried it on several knives and my Harpy became very smooth to open, also my Swiss Tool also works easier now. I didn't have much luck with my older Sebenza, teflon washers maybe the cause, it is still very very stiff to open, I showed it to Anne Reeve at the show and she didn't see a problem with it, but compared to the new style it is sluggish to open.

Anyone else take the opportunity to get some of this stuff? Overall I think it is a pretty good product.

Dexter, I should have taken you up on getting me a couple of bottles, that one might not last much longer....


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I have been using it for awhile now. As a lubricant it works well - which you might expect. One of the advantages it is supposed to have it that it tends to resist dirt and is "self cleaning". What I have lubricated with it has stayed smooth so far but its only been a short period of time.

I did notice one thing though. My Calypso Jr. was gritty when I first got it. I tried lubricating it with Tuf-Glide and it did make it smoother but it still scratched. I washed and dried and re-lubricated but still it scratched. I then rewashed and tried White Lightening and after working it for awhile the grittyness has gone away and it is perfectly smooth.

In a pinch a tiny bit of Lubriplate works well. First I clean with pipe cleaners dipped in rubbing alcohol then use a tiny dab or two of Lubriplate. Work the action a bit then wipe thoroughly. I usually unfold a paper clip and use it to apply the dabs. Lubriplate is a nice general purpose lubricant.
I've heard that stuff is great for steel to steel contact, as in the instance of your Harpy (with the exception of the super thin Nylon washers that are inserted at the factory to maintain the necessary space for movement). It might be too thick a compound to penetrate Teflon washers, though I could be wrong. I've found Break Free works great with Teflon, or better yet any Teflon-based lubricant.