Who likes credit card knives?

Oct 4, 1998
I`ve heard a lot lately about credit card knives. I gather MadDog used to make them and Bladerigger is advertising them in this months TK. I was curious enough to whip up a few different prototypes of my own and I have to admit they`re pretty neat. For those that have them,what do you use em for? Any ideas about how to improve on existing designs? My latest has two staggered finger holes that allow a nice 2 fingered saber or hammer grip with a curved edge all the way across the short side and half way down the long side. What type of steel should I make en out of? Stainless or coated tool steel? Thanks for the input. Marcus
I have an old credit card knife made by Edge-Tek. It slides out of a plastic cover. It was cheap so I bought it. I think credit card knives are a back-up edge to your back-up knife. Something extra just in case.

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Ask Thaddeus when he gets back as he's selling his, which he got from me.

He has the JSP.
I too had one, but like Blades, it was a cheap one. I didn't use it for anything more than cutting clippings and such.

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What's the difference between the cheap ones and the expensive ones? Seems like a cheap one would work fine as a backup. It doesn't need to hold an edge like a utility knife.

I have a cheap credit card knife as well.
Says 'Edge-Tek' on the plastic cover. Very
cheap. I believe they still carry some in
my local shop. Available with both single
and double edged blades.

I agree that it doesn't need to hold an edge like a utility knife, but the cheapness
manifests itself in the plastic cover as well
as the steel. The "lock" seems to be plastic against plastic. Wouldn't trust it to hold up
when slashing anything but paper. I really
wouldn't carry this even if I was allowed to, its value is purely of the gadget variety.

But maybe the more expensive are different?
How are the locks?

Marcus, are you taking orders/requests
What's your price range & turn around time?
I think these would be good gifts.


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If you're into creditcard knives keep an eye out for Spyderco's Bradichanski(?) collaboration later in the year. Anyone see/handle a proto?
If I can get a hold of an affordable yet good quality(decent construction) one I'll carry one just to know I can have a blade even in fairly tight security.

The CC knives I`ve been working on are one piece,no plastic anything. I made a semi working model today out of 1/8" mild steel just to experiment with the concept further. I`m pretty pleased with it,grip is very secure in saber grip and could even be used for self defence in a pinch. The edge has a pronounced foreward angle when gripped and lots of belly,it seems to cut much better than I expected. I`m planning on making some as soon as I figure out what I wanna make em out of. Stainless of some sort would be best I suppose (even 6A) but I can`t heat treat that myself like I can with carbon steels so the price would have to be higher. My first batch would probably be 1/16" carbon steel(haven`t decided which one yet,maybe 1095 ?),right hand chisel ground,zone hardened and finished in flat black or "Citibank" silver
baked on enamel. Would anyone be interested at $20 a piece including shipping? Once I`m started turn around would only be a few weeks for carbon steel. If I do stainless it`d be longer due to shipping them out for heat treating. BTW would anyone like a Credit card knife in all G10 for "covert" purchases?
Before I sell anything I`d want to scan and post some pics first so people know what they`re getting. I`m a novice knife maker but I`ve made some pretty decent stuff already. I`m waiting for Spark`s new "member`s projects" forum to send some scans in. Thanks for your interest guys. Marcus
Marcus -- I'd be interested to see your designs, both in steel & G10 or another magnetically inert material.

Put me down for down for one, Marcus.

I would have e-mailed you, but your address is not available.

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper. Sorry about the wait, my review and interview should be online within two weeks, look for it right here at BladeForums.com.

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I have a Bladerigger which I carry everyday in a small credit card wallet. It is high quality and very sharp.
I bought it as a defensive blade. When I can't carry my pistol, I still have something. It travels on the plane by handing over my wallet and watch at the metal detector and then proceeding. After all, I need it to cut my seat belt in the event of an accident. It is not for fast draw
but, it feels warm and fuzzy in your hand in bad parts of town. I'm happy to have it. Bill
Marcus, I'm definitely interested. I like the 2 holes idea. I might want a slightly curved edge, maybe even serrations. Also, I don't really care if it is stainless or carbon steel but, I would prefer a plain silver finish, not black. If you ever had to "pull it", I think you would want the little intimidation factor of a silver/metallic blade to scare the guy and maybe end it by having him back down. You can't really see black that easily.

I also may be interested in something non-metallic.

Just my 2 cents,


P.S. Show us some pics when you get the chance even if they are of just the prototypes.

I`ll see what I can do about getting some scanned pics for you. The edge on mine is all curve,covering an arc of 90 degrees. I don`t have the equipment to do serrations in the conventional sense but I can probably do them sort of MadDog style. The thought of serrations crossed my mind as well. That also gave me the idea of incorperating a gut hook style seat belt cutter in the "spine". It would sacrifice the true credit card profile on the exposed edge but if that`s not an issue to some it might be a neat optional feature. I think the ergonomics will work out fine with one included. I`ll keep everyone posted on my progress with Project Charge It.

I’d be interested in a steel card and a couple in G-10, so put me down, e-mail me photos, whatever it takes.


Same here Marcus. Thanks.


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Do you have an email address?? A Hotmail account or something. I'm interested also, but don't want to turn this into the "for sale" forum.
put me down for two in carbon-steel with brush or silver finish.
Wait a minute, I WAS IN LINE FIRST!

By the way, I am the guy that just bought Thaddeus' JSP credit card knife.