Who Lives in Mississippi?

Oct 3, 1998
I have a buddy with orders to Keesler AFB in Biloxi and he's curious as to the knife laws there, specifically blade length on folders concealed and automatic issues. If anyone is down that way I'd appreciate a little info so I can pass it on to him....jeff
I live in Biloxi, Ms. about 10 miles from Keesler AFB. I dont have the state laws in front of me, but i can tell you from living here 29 years and being a 6 generation Biloxian- If you mind your business, dont be a smart a** with the law enforcement, you can get by with much regardless of state law, however, on the same regard- if you show disrespect for the law enforcement you will have your knife taken away no matter what type, blade length, mecanics etc.......

Ive carried a large Kit Carson #4, showed police officers and never had them even comment on the "legality" of the knife. You can get by carrying about any folder regardless of size, autos may be a little trickier- If i remember correctly there are no specific laws of owning and carrying one, however, what is more important is what the specific law enforcement officer "thinks" the law is. Most law enforcement officers i know think that autos are illegal and will take it from you, and sure you may get it back.........but it will probably disapear from the evidence room while you are awaiting to prove your case!!

So i will sum up what i know- unless you are a trouble maker, or disrespectfull to the law enforcement, there isnt much to worry about. Your friends biggest worry will be with Keesler AFB, not the local law enforcement. Becuase, like most military bases P.C. is the norm, sad but true, and an auto aint P.C. no matter about the law!!!!

You can feel free to have your freind call me @ 228-396-3040.

Does everyone here understand that this "if the cops like you all is cool" type of attitude is really another way of saying "better not pack anything bigger than a SAK if you're black"?

I'm -=NOT=- accusing the posters above of racism. OK? Put the flamethrowers *down*
. Mississippi was almost unique in the South for *not* ever doing a discressionary concealed weapons permit system. Instead, they blanket banned concealed handgun carry but for over 100 years never enforced it on whites. With the general media blitz on guns that's changed, mostly. Next year a referrendum already on the ballot will be the first direct appeal to voters to put in a proper CCW system...that's only necessary (to whites) because of the civil rights movement.

But if you think those attitudes are gone, look again at the post above describing individual LEOs deciding who to bust. California is *worse* if you're white in that they're insane on *everybody* of any race.

Both systems need fixing, but for different reasons.

Jim March
I agree with you to some degree, Jim. I think it has moved past the point of "enforcing laws by color code". You are just as likely to get your knife taken (no matter what it is) and having your butt kicked by a zealos police officer if you are caucasion. My cousin was at a concert or something at the Biloxi Coliesum, walked by a cop (my cousins hands were full o beer), the cop asked for ID, my cousin unwisely smarted off. Found himself in the "back room" in handcuffs, got smarta** again, found himself on the floor, had his spyderco taken away (the one i gave him!!) Never got it back, he told me it went straight into one of the cops pockets. My cousin is white, he is a native Biloxian, he was just a smarta** and this, you can not be whether white, black or yellow.

You are partially right on the gun carry law,it was as you mentioned for a long time and it is common knowledge it was "selectively" enforced, BUT the law changed in 1972 and a CCW ammendment was added in 1991.

Senate Bill 2102 was approved in regular session 1991. What the legislature did was to ammend Section 27-104-27, Mississippi code of 1972 (this legalized carrying a weapon in your home, property, and vehicle but not in public).
The 1991 ammendment (S.B. 2102) authorized the Department of Safety to issue licenses to carry concealed pistols or revolvers in public. (the criteria is very "loose", if you can legally own a pistol, you can get a CCW, no "reasons", no "color code", no "good ole boy approval")

Who told you that a CCW vote was going to be on the ballot?? It would be very redundant as we already have a very good system in place. I havent heard anything on this, and i am fairly active in state affairs. Please inform me!! :)

I am not saying we have a "perfect" law enforcement system down here...FAR from it. But i can tell you this- We are growing rapidly, we are a gambling town (which has brought in alot of crime), and the local law enforcement has there hands full.

Oh damn.

I've gone and mixed up Missouri and Mississippi. ARG. It's MISSOURI about to do referrendum CCW.


I still hold with what I was talking about though. Obviously, a white who "mouths off" like your buddy with the Spyderco did is gonna have a problem, but I really don't think a black guy with an open-carry FB would lead a carefree life either.

Jim March
Mr. March, i guess we can agree to disagree. Race is not the major factor in legal decision and or actions down here. I go out on a plank and say this simply becuase it is what i observe living here on a daily basis, having both black and white friends (and yes we often openly discuss race issues and politics).

I also can say that our local police departments are fairly diverse in there hiring practices. There are a very high percentage of black officers in municipal, county and state law enforcement agency's.

We have elected two black judges (The Honorable John Whitfield and The Honorable Robin Midcalf), These two judges are over the most populated area of South Mississippi. I am a big fan of Judge Whitfeild, I am not sure of Judge Midcalf, she was just elected in Nov.

So i think the argument that there is some huge color code of the law down here is antiquated and ill concieved at best.
(and remember, i live here and my eyes are open)

Like most you suffer from a "prejudgement" of Mississippi. I can understand this, especially with the "vibrant" history of the state, however, we have come along way in all areas and especially in the areas of race relations.

This is the last post i will have on this topic, lets talk some knives!!

If you wish to have a further, factual discussion on this issue, lets do it privately via email, keep this a knife forum.
There are some local makers that i can take your friend to meet if he is interested in handmade knives. If he is interested in the forged blade, The Alabama Forge Council (Bayou Forge Chapter) meets every 3rd Sunday. It is about a 45 minute drive from Biloxi, It is always open to anyone interested in attending.

Actually RM I don't think he's quite to that point just yet. Not a collector by any means, and has never spent too much on a knife. He does seem to be coming around though. ;-) Who knows maybe he would love that. I'll pass on the info, thanks....jeff