Who would bring a knife to a wedding?

Apr 18, 1999
I would and did. Last Saturday my daughter was married. She was married in a church and she and I were instructed to remain with the bride's maids in a small room in the rear of the church until called for. While we waited, my daughter asked if I had a knife with me so she could cut a hole in the ring finger of the fabric glove she wore on her left hand. The hole would permit access to her ring finger during the ceremony.

As a helpful father of the bride, I retrieved my CS Tanto and proceeded to perform surgery on the glove. The appearance of the 4 inch blade provoked several comments from the bridal party including, "Who would bring a large knife to a wedding?" I replied, "Doesn't everyone?"

Did you say "The Father of the Bride!" and ask to check the invitation?

I know all the fellas who came to my wedding had AT LEAST a 4 inch folder! Most had SIG, H&K and Wilson Combat guns under those tuxes!

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

I brought my Endura to a high school formal, and that and my Calypso to a funeral. I spend more time trying to tell ppl that carrying a knife is like carrying your wallet or keys. It's hard to explain to your friends that knives go EVERYWHERE with you, no exceptions..
Good question!..'who wouldn't?'...not many around here

I always have a knife on me of some kind everywhere, a knife is useless sitting in your room.

"I wouldn't mind you being inside my head if you weren't clearly so crazy."
Always do.

Why? Little kids like the balloons at the reception.

Also applies to graduations, b-day parties, etc.
Well, I am getting married July 24th, and we are cutting the cake with a short sword that I am making for this purpose! Mostly folks around here bring guns to weddings though!

It's been 25 years, but as I recall I brought two to my wedding. Nothing fancy, but then it wasn't a formal wedding.

"Defense against knife attack:
Option 1. If you have a gun shoot him."

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I carry one with me every where I go.
Whether it is to a wedding, church, work, the bathroom or bed, I have a blade handy.
You just never know when you will need one.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

Never, Just one... At my wedding most of the males were heavily armed. Most of the females had knives in their purses. Best man got a Sypderco Viele. We rode off on my Harley, wife's request.
Willie, best wishes for your daughter and her new husband.

I cannot recall a wedding I attended that I did not carry a knife to, including my own. I have been the Best Man five times (three friends and two brothers over the last fifteen years, and not a divorce in the group) and that means you have to be ready for anything. A good knife is a nessesity. Just don't accidentally hand it over when the Minister asks for the rings! (and no, I have not done that, just an observation.)

And the Father of the Bride should come heavily armed, standard practice

Congratulations Rob!

Who would wear a seat belt on his way from a wedding to the reception?

-Cougar Allen :{)

P.S. I'll admit when I was best man at my brother's wedding I carried a smaller gun than my usual because I didn't want a bulge in my tuxedo. I guess I'm just a slave to fashion....

-Cougar :{)

P.P.S. That's what "Saturday night special" meant before the antis made it into a dirty word -- it meant a smaller, fancier, usually nickel-plated gun you'd wear with your dress-up clothes when you went out on Saturday night -- the equivalent of a fancy little "gentleman's knife."


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A good friend of mine cut his wedding cake with a Blackjack / Maringer Vorpal Sword. It performed quite well, no chipping or dulling whatsoever. I think most of the guests had at least one knife, and many guest had more potent bulges in their tuxedo jackets. I believe the groom had his firearms held during the actual ceremony, but he retrieved them soon thereafter and presented the best man with a small Beretta in thanks (wish it had been me!).


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Okay, I don't get to carry a gun due to state and local laws, more to the point Sweetie's law, but I did carry AFCK and Endura while in friend's wedding (her side, they clashed badly with the mint green dress!) I had broken my hand on someone's head recently and was wearing my right paw in a cast, endura positioned in left pocket for fast access. Usual stupid questions about why do I have it as the groom was rigging collar stays out of a plastic beer cup b/c dry cleaner had lost his stays. I like the groom, he is one of the few who have always understood why I carry all the time. Oh, and my brother will be roasting a pig at a hawaiian wannabe weeding next year. Kinda like if we moved Lynard Skynard to Hawaii. I get to wear cutoff jeans or fatigues, a boonie hat, sandals and a cold steel bowie for hacking the pig apart. Maybe my Khukri as well?
I find myself going to a lot more funerals than weddings, but I carry my usual assortment of sharp objects everywhere there isn't a ******* metal detector!

And when there's some inanimate object in need of cutting, folks don't say "Anybody have a knife?" They say, "Jim!"

Speaking of funerals, a year or so ago our rabbi had need for his Dalton California Special auto at one. One of the customs at a Jewish funeral is for the immediate family to wear black ribbons which are torn at the end of the burial service, in lieu of tearing clothing as was done in the bad old days. In this case, the ribbons were cut the wrong way and wouldn't tear. So out came the Dalton. Snap! Snip. It cut a bit of tension that needed cutting too.

I take a blade everywhere I go.


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(all right, so I'm just a knife lover)
When my brother got maried last fall, he carried his Sebenza in his tux jacket. I carried my Calypso Jr in the tux waistband. At least four others were carrying. He also gave SAK's out as groomsmen gifts.

I carry one almost everywhere. Face it, every now and then I don't have any pockets.
I went to a co-workers wedding about 2 weeks ago. My wife and daughter were home sick, so I just went with my EDI Genesis I - it complemented my suite very well. On a few occasions where I had done wedding pictures for some friends, I carried a pistol with my just in case. "Better safe than sorry."
I have some sort of knife on me at any occasion. But my friend John Johnson wore a custom bowie on his belt at his wedding. Where are you John? I'm sure that everyone would like to know which knife it was. I think John spent more time picking out his wedding knife than he did his wedding shirt!
Does a knife belong in church? NO. Do I do it anyway? YES. Help me Lord if my Rector ever caught me, I don’t know what I would say. I guess it’s just a habit.
I would bring a knife or two to a wedding, birthday party, funeral, or what-have-you, only I wouldn't be flicking them around. To me, knives are classy, without one, you have no class.

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"