why do we sell our knives?


Oct 21, 1998
i see many great knives for sale on this forum and was just curious....why do we sell them? do we need cash? knife not as neat as we thought? lose interest in a certain brand? what is the least amount of time you have owned a knife before your sold it (non dealers of course)? thought this would make an interesting thread...dmc
Need another knife but don't have the money

Never sold one. IF somebody does a really good 5"+ megafolder with a modern lock and quality materials I *might* finally part with my AlMar 5.5" linerlocks and sheaths. *Maybe*...after a lot of personal anguish...


Jim March
We sell them to make room for new ones. It is also a good technique when dealing with spouses:
"Nah honey, I didn't buy a new knife, I traded for it" Or you can say, "no of course I didn't really buy a new knife, I sold my __________ so I could get this one. It was an even deal"

Cripe, she just caught me doing this....gotta go!



I have sold and traded a few , lately. In fact, a few were knives I had most covetted before I actually owned them....Randall, MT, Sebenza etc. Some have been replaced with other knives...some paid bills.
Do I miss them ? No, not really. My interests have evolved and I hardly ever had those knives out to fondle any more...let alone, use.
There are still, knives I covet and will, I hope, acquire when my finances improve.
(note to Admin : if we get back to the Bs next month, that Simonich Cetan looks good
But, as I have often said ,I am not a "real" collector.....more an "accumulator". Novelty still plays a part in my selection of knives....when that wears off, I tend to drift back to knives I want to use.
And, I suppose, local knife laws narrow down my selection of "users".
Getting older may have helped (?) in the evolution of my tastes.
I still love knives.....but I no longer want them ALL. And the ones I want are not, necessarilly, the currently "fashionable " ones.

Brian W E
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MONEY- spend it before it's gone.

Ditto on what kodiak said. There's no way my wife would let me spend 300+ on a mad dog out of the blue. So I ended up selling a dozier and my calypso more for justification than $$.

I agree with the posts referring to money, but it's also the thrill of the hunt. Trying to find the best possible trade or purchase and then trading it or selling it. There is a brand new emerson CQC-7 in my immediate future that started as 2 REKAT fangs from ebay.

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Well I'm with Brian, although I've only sold two knives. First was a BM AFCK in M2 I got at the same time as an EDI Genesis I. Just kept one of 'em. I'd cut a few things and tweaked the edge and so stated when I posted it for sale. Same with a MadDog Pygmy ATAK-2 that I found didn't fit my needs. My tastes have evolved too, but I've felt funny about selling a "used" knife. Some of those that collect dust are NIB, some were received semi-sharp so I tweaked the edge, some I carried and used for a time. The AFCK M2 was in demand and I'd only had it a few weeks. I guess if I were to thin out my collection, there'd be quite a few pieces I'd list ranging from a NIB Buck Nighthawk bought when first introduced to the market, an as new Melvin Dunn stag handled D2 hunter(I have 2 so one can go), an as new Buck 110 nickel-silver bolster folder, an as new Bear BMG damascus-stag upsweap skinner, a Buck 532 (as I've got a 532MS on order), NIB Camillus C-1 and C-2 cartridge knives, to a recently acquired BM 9050SBT (finding autos don't trip my switch all that much). Yeah, I'd like to roll the proceeds of selling my "extras" off towards new acquisitions, but with the exception of the Dunn and BM auto, these are smaller ticket items. What I normally see are 3 figure knives being posted for sale. Is there a real demand for less expensive knives around here?


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Until lately, I've never sold any of my knives.
I have some new deals in the works that "I can't live without". I'm not spending anymore money, so all the NIB "investments" are now tender.
Although I've never sold any of my knives, I do have a pretty long tradition of trading them with friends. I don't know about everyone else, but I have a selection of knives that I use or at least carry on a fairly regular basis. There's another group of knives that I know I'll never trade. But then there is a third group that falls somewhere in between. It's generally knives in this third group that get traded.

In some cases, the knife may have been a gift that didn't quite do it for me. It might also be that I have two or more very similar knives and just want to add some more variety. Other times it's just to get something "new" without having to spend money. After all, Jack Daniels isn't free.

Bob -- in response to your question as to whether there may be a demand for less expensive knives around here, why not post a couple for sale or trade ads and find out? My geographically immediate circle of friends dwindled to the point that we were often trading the same pieces back & forth. I posted a FT ad last night & within an hour had a deal to trade a stag-handled custom Buck for a Spyderco Moran.
I'm now waiting to see if a limited production Schrade lockback will interest anyone.

Got started when I was out of work, it was the only way I could indulge my passion for different stuff. Now I do it for the intrigue, you may post for so many dollars or trade for this or that, but someone always comes up with a different approach. Some are great, some not, but it's fun and how many of these knives can I use at one time anyway ?
As Aaron says, it's amazing how you can start with one thing and three or four trades/sales later end up with a piece worth about 5 times more (or less !
Money, space, and less usability compared to newer knives. I admit I'm selling my tac videos and a balisong to make up for past mistakes.

Okay, why not! I'm going to post a handful of knives that can use another home.

A coworker saw a small, inexpensive handmade drop point hunter I bought from "Anderson" in Utah, and wanted one for her husband for Christmas. I told her to put the order in three months in advance. She waited too late. I hadn't used mine yet so I sold it to her.

My wife checks my knife collection occasionally. She can't identify them but knows how many there are. I can buy a new one when another one is sold or given away. That is why my sons all have Randall's, pocket tools, SAKs, hunting knives, Pilot Survival Knives, etc. I just purchased ten chef knives for our company's culinary class. Everyone I know comes to me for knife advice and purchase info.