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Dec 23, 1998
Well, it's happened, my wife has put a cap on my knife spending. She was checking in my safe and started counting the number of new knives(I forgot to lock the safe). She stopped counting when she hit 40(she missed all the khukuri's). She made me sign an agreement to not order any more for a whole year. I told her that I had many that were already on order and could not be cancelled since the people had already been paid in advance, hehe. She agreed, but made me list what they were so that I could not sneak in any more. Total 12 custom or semi customs still to come(whew!). But she busted me before I was able to call Brend, darn!

What am I to do??
That sounds REALLY serious! You must do what every self-respecting man and husband would do - learn to sneak and hide better, or risk losing your mind fighting the urge to make additional purchases!
The time has come for the ever dreaded "trading!" :-O

"But dear, I didn't BUY another 3 knives, I traded others for them!"

Good luck!

Plainsman :)
...and this is the only woman who lives in your part of the country ???

"We are ready for an unforeseen
event that may or may not occur"
- Dan Quayle -

When it comes to being a knife nut being single sure helps.


Tom"Just another single guy"Carey

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Cobalt, we grieve with you!

Since I used to collect handguns, picking up a knife now and then is way less by comparison.

I'm sure you have used the "investment" and "family safety" arguments too. But have you tried to convince her of the mental relief/sanity issue. Collecting/hobbies could save you thousands if one considers the cost of psyche therapy for not having this emotional outlet! Or, you could be spending the money on booze, wild women, or whatever.

If all else fails and it has to get ugly, you can point out some of her expenses, wardrobe, etc. Everybody must have a vice. Its called being Human!

Good luck, Ron
Ron, the unfortunate thing is that she has no vice's. But I have plenty of vice's for the two of us.
You have my condolences. Some people can be so narrow minded. I used to collect motorcycles, so sharp things are an economic move.

I suggest this ploy, ask to count her pairs of shoes, or purses. Then implement the same limitation factors.

I may be lost,
but I'm making real good time.
Hmmm, I thought I replied to this identical thread? Oh, I see I did, down farther this was also posted!

Oh well, hey Cobalt, sometimes you feel you are still home with mommy and daddy, huh?

I don't know which is worst, getting busted by your parents when you were younger and at their house, or from your wife? Sometimes it is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

Work two jobs, then you can justify your knife addiction, that's what I do ....

1) I'm going medieval:
Cancel her credit card(s).

2) Find a better hiding place- for your knives that is.

3) Best of luck!

"Walk softly and carry a big stick"...TR

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My wife and I made an agreement that we
each had x number of dollars per year that
we can each spend at our own discression.
It is important for her to understand that
you work hard for your money, and have a real
need to have some of the things (passions)
in life. Perhaps the two of you should
calculate an agreeable number, and try to
stay somewhat within that amount. It worked
for my wife and myself.

Take it from me, life gets much easier once you get your wife into an expensive hobby or two. Get her into cropping or stamping, next thing you know she doesn't look at your purchases quite as closely anymore, provided you don't look at hers. It's an excellent arrangement

Yes, Joe, but everytime she spends money on one of her things that's one less item I can get. Just doesn't seem right to me.
I am in the exact same boat (except that it sounds like you have more money than I do to begin with). My wife is constantly raising heck at me about buying knives and I can tell she is about to try to "lay down the law." She insists we need more important things than knives (food, electricity, etc.). Seriously, though, she does not spend money except that she makes her own clothes, and I cannot fault her for that. I think that I will propose that I spend my mileage and commission checks on knives (or guns). Let me know how your situation works out.