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Wife's Birthday Knife(ves)!


Nov 4, 1998
Well I must say thank you to the other forumites about a month ago for the suggestions on what to get my wife for her B-day.

It came down to a BM 330 Mel Pardue "Gent" and/or a Spyderco Calypso Jr. (stainless steel). Well, for her first knife I concluded they were both great knives...so I decided to get them both and let her decide.
Well, she unfortunatly loves them both! She's now a bonified knife-nut, and is carrying one or both where ever she goes.

Thank's again for the input everybody,

Cool! Good choices, both of them. I have one of each and love them. Glad the wife likes them. She's on her way!



Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
Hmmm, Dave, you might be on to a good thing here...I would love to bring my wife "into the fold", instead of her looking at my growing collection with an air of unease and disdain. Almost a kind of reverse psychology ploy, but it just might work.
Let me ask you, was your wife interested in knives before you presented her with her very own, or was she only converted afterwards?

Considering the possibilities,
Nick B.