Wildfire Cutlery (mb repost)

Jul 12, 1999
Sorry, looks like this just didn't get through last time.

I came across Wildfire Cutlery (www.wildfirecutlery.com) on a web search yesterday. He seems to have some nice stuff, and I like the idea of thin carbon steel in a chef's knife. Does anyone have any experience with these? How do they compare with Sabatier Carbone, or "super-duper" stainless kitchen knives like the Spydercos or Hattoris?

BTW does anyone have a comment on the ergonomics of the straight-handled knives versus the bent-handled ones? Wildfire seems interested in special designs for people with arthritis, but I don't know in what other ways the handles might affect performance (e.g. chopping ability, natural slicing action, etc.)