William Henry Global Series

Nov 1, 2000
I really like the look of the Global series and especially the price. I'm aware that the Global series is made in Japan more on machines (not that that's bad) rather than by hand. Is the quality on par with the rest of the line made in Calif.
Well, I gotta tell ya. When I first got my WH G07, I was a little disappointed. It doesn't have the pinache of the home bred models. But it doesn't have the price either.

HOWEVER, it has really grown on me. It is one of my 2 must have daily carries (the other is the WH carbon fiber lancet). The knife has no clip, you put it in the Clip Case for carry. So it feels comfortable in the hand.

The VG-10 steel is super sharp out of the box. Cuts like a laser, sharpens easy. The way I've adjusted the pivot, it needs a touch more push to open than a WH Spearpoint. But that gives a bit of security against accidental openings. Studs on both sides.

The quality is definitely there. For the price (I got mine from Knifecenter for $115 plus shipping) it is an excellent buy.

One issue - the liner lock has travelled about 60 - 70 % towards the farside. Hasn't touched the other scale. YMMV

I recommend it. And it is a Wharncliffe - one of my favorite blade shapes.


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I also have been looking seriously at these, I have not held one, they sure look nice though. I like VG-10 and if they really are made in Japan, the fit and finish is likely to be good.


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Would you recommend I buy one of the Calif. line first to really appreciate the quality or just go for the Global?

Your last question is a hard for me to answer. What will you be using the knife for? I think the Global lends itself to harder work than the Spearpoint or Lancet do. The Spearpoint is very solid though. The Kestrel and Persian are gentlemen's pocket knives.

If money is no object, go for a Spearpoint. They feel real good in the hand.

But if you are looking for a worker knife, go for the Global. I think the VG-10 is a super steel.

Best I can do.


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I do love the Spearpoints (as much as a robot can love another object).

I've got the Rainbow Spearpoint and the Fishtail. Both beautiful. The only problem with these is that I don't know which one is my favorite.

Off to buy another William Henry Spearpoint so I can complicate the decision making process even more.


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If you are going for a gentleman's folder, you should probably consider the Lancet. Especially, if you are considering carrying it in your pocket(rather than in the ClipCase). The Spearpoint is a little too big for in pocket carry, especially in dress pants.

If you want a Lancet that is really cool, really lightweight at 1 ounce and clips to your shirt pocket - go for the Carbon Fiber Lancet. You can get one for $175 at www.knifeart.com. Other dealers of William Henry Knives can be found at their website www.williamhenryknives.com . Another source is the Knives for Sale /Trade Individual Forum.

In pocket (instead of clipped), I'd recommend the Fishtail Lancet. Nicely done and you can find it for a good price (about $225 or less).

Good luck on your decision. Please let us know what you end up buying, it'll give good closure to this conversation.


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It's my understanding that the Global's are manufactured in Japan but assembled in the Ca. Studio. I haven't handled a Global but own a Kestrel, 2 Lancet's (just got a Pearl Damascus!), and a Spearpoint. I have a feeling that if say's William Henry on it you'll be impressed with it.

I have the wharncliff Evolution and it's one of the sharpest knives I own, and surprisingly came that way but I hear tell the VG-10 has a habit of doing that!

Get on of these if you can, very nice knife, well made and opens well and locks up solid, only complaint that I'd have is the scales are too thin if gripped very tight, other than that, great!

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hey kutch, i have owned a number of w. henrys. i really like the globals for a user.garyz in the dealer forum has some with cocobolo and palmwood. i have seen these as he is here locally, they are very sweet.i like that flatground spearpoint myself.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by RDaneel:
Well, I gotta tell ya. When I first got my WH G07, I was a little disappointed.</font>
Agreed. I got mine today.
What was the biggest disappointment was that frame lock didn't engage by itself. Little need with a finger was required.
But opening and closing the knife couple of (dozen of (well, not really; I overacted a little bit)) times got the lock working.
Sharpest out-of-the-box I've ever got.
Will it grow on me? I think so.
Hey you WH fans! I have never seen any of these knives except in catalogs. How does the quality of the carbon fiber series compare to Reeve or Microtech? And would you feel confident using the Spearpoint in everyday, hard service, i.e. carpentry/cabinetry? Does this knife come with a pocket clip? And can you get the blade in anything besides ATS-34?
Thanks for the enlightenment!
Barry H
P.S. The literature sys that the Spearpoint is 3 7/8" closed. That's the approximate size of a Native, right? Any other larger folders from WH?

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Every indication I have of William Henry Knives is Quality. The non-Evolution series are hand finished.

Spearpoint overall length is a tad greater than the Native; however, neither the blade or handle are as wide. The native blade is also of heavier stock - feels more bladeheavy in use.

Ruggedness - remember, except for the Evolution series, these are primarily gentlemen's knives. They are certainly able to hold up as well as another linerlock for KNIFE duties. Of the regular series, I would say the Carbon Fiber are the lightest duty (they are the only ones with pocket clips). Not as rugged as a Sebenza due to the differences in locks.

ATS-34 is used for all the regular series; VG-10 for the Evolution.

I would have no problem using the Evolution Wharncliffe for moderately hard service. The lock construction is a modified linerlock (close to an integral lock like the Sebenza, but lighter duty).

Hope this helps.


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I just ordered the wharncliffe blade from knifecenter. It should be here by Friday. I like the look of the blade but is it really a practical blade.
I'm thinking about the Evolutions as well. Anybody familiar with the black palm or rosewood-handled models and have a preference?
I just received my WH Evolution with the wharncliffe and g-10 scales. This is an impressive little knife. Fit and finish are excellent and the blade is super sharp. It will only see light duty so I doubt that I'll ever test the integrity of the lock but it does look very secure. The ironic thing about my purchase is that I thought I was ordering the spearpoint version and found out later that I ordered the wharncliffe. I actually think that I like the looks of the wharncliffe better. I don't think the blade shape will be as useful as the spear point though.