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William Henry or Klotzli


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Oct 12, 1998
I'm trying to decide between a couple of knives and was hoping to get some opinions on both.
I'm interested in the William Henry Carbon Fiber Lancet or the Klotzi-Walker design with carbon fiber.
I'm kind of fond of 440C so I lean toward the Klotzli there, but the William Henry seem so highly regarded.
How about handle finish? Similar?
How about clips? Pivot or butt end?
Or just some general comments on either.
Where I live I will have no chance of handling either knife so I have to go by pictures and what I find out here.
Walter, I would recommend the WH Lancet in CF. They recently changed the clip configuration from tip down to tip up, so if you shop around a little you should be able to choose the style you prefer. The Lancet is a very handy size, great blade shape and sharp. The anodization on the liner and clip are gorgeous, and the CF pattern is very attractive. I received a WH CF Spearpoint at work yesterday, and I must say the "oooh" factor on this knife is very high with my co-workers. I am going to have to force myself to package it up and send it off soon, as it is planned as a gift for my brothers' birthday.

I had the G-10 version of the Klotzli, but decided to sell it off. A decent clip point, nice hollow grind and it did keep an edge, but it had lousy handle ergonomics and a stainless steel liner. I am not sure about clip placement as I had a clipless version (the only drawback to the WH CF series is that it has a clip), but overall the William Henry is a much more attractive model. It deserves the attention it is getting.


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