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William Henry's Knives?

Jun 29, 1999
I've heard alot of talk about his knives, how can I reach him, and if you own one, how do you like his knives?

Try www.williamhenryknives.com . The knives have been the topic of discussion on this forum. Look back through the last 14 days or so and you will find some comments -- all very positive. I don't own one, but that will change in the next week or so.

BTW, William Henry is really two not one. William is the middle name of one of them and Henry the middle name of the other.


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William Henry is a company, not a person. More info available on their website http://www.williamhenryknives.com/ and if you want to see some product try the Edge of the World in Oakland or We Be knives on Pier 39. The workshop is down in Santa Cruz, so maybe we should orginize a road trip?

BTW, terrific knives, custom quality and total detail.

Hey, check out in the Knife Reviews section, there is a post with 31 hits about the William Henry line, it's loaded with some pictures as well.

I have the Spearpoint from the Rainbow series. Very nice, smooth and sharp as well. Highly reccomend these knives, as I have posted before, I'd like to get a Carbon Fiber Lancet, just saving up money is the problem, cause I also have a Ed Schott knife that I still want to get... money, money where are you?


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