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Win A Cold Steel Trailmaster San Mai III

Aug 29, 1999
Enter to Win A Cold Steel Trailmaster
San Mai III CS-16JSM, Drawing to be held on
October 29, 1999. To enter visit our site & Click on enter Contest ( Good Luck )


To be the best is to do the best that you can
Woohoo! Another chance to win a great knife!!! One thing, though... I submitted my entry, and got back that "Mailer Demon" thing. Did I do something wrong?
Yeehaw!!! I feel lucky today!!!

I need a bigger bucket.

"Residents of the United states only"..Grrrrrr. F'ing Yankees

heh, too bad that its a US only contest.

The thought of winning that knife is great. Then the thought of knowing I on't win it enters my mind, and it's depresses you. But I entered anyway, just to say I did...
I wonder why the draw is restricted to memebers who live in the United States? - I always had the idea that Bladeforums transgressed international boundaries, which is one of the things that makes it so unique!
I am disappointed as well. You are giving away about $ 200.00 knife (which is very generous of you) but cannot ship it outside USA for additional $ 25.00??

Come on...

I would gladly pay the International shipping if I won, is this not a good idea?
Thanks Roger - this is great. I love knife giveaways.

It would be better if you would allow our international BladeForums members to participate also.
What a good idea Bagman. I am willing to pay the shipping as well.

Can I enter now??

Revised: Drawing on the Cold Steel Trailmaster San Mai III will Include
international also. We Will give 2 Cold
Steel Trailmaster San Mai III away. 1 for the Winner in the United States And 1 For The International Winner and pay for all Shipping Cost

Okay: Bagman, Bob, David, ( I Give up )

Roger www.knifeworks.com

To be the best is to do the best that you can
Thank you Roger,
Now I feel I shoud delete my first post. Well I will just leave it... Thank you for your generous offer once again.

I tried to enter and at the end an e-mail window appeared. Is it OK? I did not write anything, just sent it.


Kudos for the offer, it is greatly appreciated!

My jaw dropped when I saw the "U.S only" rules at the bottom of the page after filling out the form.

"Earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is limitless."

Good man Roger

I had to save the page as HTML and send it as an enclosure as my mail system had a bit of an eppie, hope this is OK

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Tried to enter, but NetScape said that it could not find your server. My email is FullerH@sec.gov.

Walk in the Light,

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That's terrific. This is the kind of generosity that gets the BladeForumites attention. With the internet, the international community is becoming more and more important.

Now I'm just gonna have to buy something from you!
Hehe, ummm, I cant get it to send out either, it says that it cant find the host address(gee all this after my little rant about the....ummmmm. residents of the U.S.

Never mind, I just had to use IE


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