Windlass Steelcrafts

Feb 27, 1999

I was recently perusing the summer edition of Atlanta Cutlery's catalog and came across several interesting looking blades manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts. I believe they are an Indian manufacturing company. Their blades are advertised as being carbon steel and I saw at least one that was damascus.(Persian Kard) They offer an interesting array of designs from around the world and they look nicein the pictures.(but you know how that goes!!) Does anyone have any experience with their products?
I have no personal experience, however the posts here, in NetSword, and in SwordForums would seem to indicate major quality control problems. These include loose hilts, poor heat treating, and several others. I have admired their Bowies, but have not bought any, given what I have read. It is too bad, as they have interesting items.

Walk in the Light of God,

That is too bad. Have you heard anything about their cosmetics? The prices are reasonable, perhaps they would make good wall hangers.
Windlass owns both Atlanta Cutlery and Museum Replicas, so what I have heard mostly applies to MRL. The general gist is that they look pretty good from a distance, but close up you see gaps and bad grind lines, that sort of thing.

Walk in the Light of God,

I would urge you to stay away from Windlass and most of the proprietary items in the MRL catalog. You'll be spending far too much money for what will invariably be display-only junk -- and perhaps not even display worthy at that.



And tomorrow when you wake up it will be worse.
For around the same price, you can get Jim Hrisolaus to make you a much better piece. You can reach him at

He may not be the best in the business, I don't really know where he stands as there's so much bullsh*t in the sword industry, but I do know that his stuff doesn't outright suck. I have never owned one of his swords, but I have seen and handled a few, and conversed with two people who owned and used his swords. I've been thinking about having him make me up a modified version of his arming sword.

Del Tin has a much better reputation than Windlass, I think they're at or something. I can't remember exactly. I thik if you go back a week or two in the tactical and martial arts development forum, and look for a thread on "western/american martial ways" I listed their url.