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Wolf Creek Forge poll hawk - SOLD


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Nov 29, 2013
I ordered this from Lisa and waited over 3 months for it. While waiting I bought one or two items that I have been using pretty regularly. As I need to continue reducing my amount of stuff to recoup some funds, hopefully I’ll pass this along to someone who will use it. Length is about 17”, with a 6” head and 3 1/4” cutting edge, weighing in about 1.5 pounds. Still brand new, never used. Comes as pictured with sheath. $SOLD CONUS. Sorry no trades

7EE61421-FFAF-4161-AE12-5BDA731FDB7C.jpeg 216D3BFE-5EE0-455E-8D35-86A83D7D0EF2.jpeg AC84C9C8-1E77-487C-8E83-D80B02D13621.jpeg C7F29CF6-C58E-4277-AE43-ED92C3C0D1C3.jpeg 5AB42019-57B3-4FE9-A980-DA4E070EFFE3.jpeg 7CEF9AA2-C7DE-4140-B84A-B594C017325A.jpeg
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