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Women: training and awareness...

Apr 9, 1999
I'd like to plug my friend's new book:

Total Awareness: a woman's safety book
by Darren and Beth Laur,
from Sono Nis Press, ISBN 1-55039-098-8

Chapter's include:
Who attacks and why
Be street safe
Your stratedies - don't be a target
The street interview
Basics of escape, attracting attention etc.
Everyday safety - home target hardening, home invasion,
autotheft, car jackings, ATM, elevators etc, etc,
stalking, date rape, roofies etc

Resources include Animal, Gavin De Becker and Loren Christensen

This is a very complete overview of the topic of awareness and how to avoid getting into trouble and would be a useful addition to any martial arts teacher who is interested in this aspect for his / her students...although written for women, it is useful for us all and I specifically use it in my seniors classes.

The Fighting Old Man

RE: roofies

Date rape drug...rohypnol and now included are the various GHB derivatives.
He has a whole section on all the date rape drugs and stuff.

And foreign airports and rental cars and, and...
Awareness IS important, but the thing is awareness only detects danger. It can reduce the liklihood of a violent encounter, but does not eliminate the posibility. You still gotta know how to rock`n'roll.

I mean, what good is knowing you're in trouble when you can't do anything about it? You won't always have a phone to call, or a place to run. Awareness is only your first line of defence, and is unsuitable as your only line of defence.

Likewise, a can`o'pepperspray or even a gun can't be expected to defend you. You still have to know how to employ them.