Wow !!!! First Impressions of the MOD Trident

Oct 3, 1998
The brown truck just came and I'm holding my new folder. This knife IS Microtech-type quality all the way through. It has substantial weight and a THICK blade. Extremely well finished, and fits my hand like a glove. If you like the Calypso ergonomics, you will also like this knife.
The lines of the blade are really pretty. All-the-while it's the size of the blade of the large Sebenza.
The traction groves (that are everywhere) really work to produce a confident grip.
I would say its a tad larger than the mini Socom, but the frame and blade are about twice as thick.
The clip came out of the box loose, but that's OK because its coming off as soon as we get home. I just hope the movement of the loose clip hasn't scratched up the scales.
To me, clips are an awful idea. When they are mounted with only two fasteners, it becomes stupid.
Thats my only complaint. Otherwise, this is a first class knife and I can barely wait for the auto version.
I'm not too crazy about the idea of defending myself with a knife. In reality, it is VERY likely that any attacker would have a gun anyway.
Mr. Watson's explanation of this knife is a practical utility knife, not a ju-jitsu killer. I was attracted to his idea, and I'm really happy with my decision to purchase this knife.

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Yeah, I was playing with one at the dealer.

Very cool, very fitting to my hand, smaller than I thought, though.

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It's gotten to the point in which I can instantly recognize the familiar rumbling of any approaching UPS truck. My ears perk up and I want to run to the window to see where he's stopping.

...come to think about it, dogs do that too

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Dexter I thought I was the only one with that experience. My wife thinks I am liken to Radar of MASH except not with a Helicopter. Yes my ears are tuned to the frequency generated by little brown trucks. I am also pretty good with mail trucks and semi tractor trailors.

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Ahh...the brown truck..Anyone ever chase one on the freeway, roll yer window down and yell: "HEY IT'S ME!! THROW THE DAMN BOX! I CANT WAIT!" ;-)

No one understands in my family that I can
tell on the day the package arrives....
Its all about the mailman and the brown
truck...The thing that sucks is when they
leave that damn little paper that says missed you will try tomorrow.....AHHH So close
yet so far.........................
Now, this is a knife. Who cares about axis lock when I have a 1/8 inch thick leaf locking the knife in place. This knife is meant to be a work horse. The blade is stout and thicker than my larger benchmades. The operation is a little slow, but should slick up with use. Ergonomically, this knife fits perfectly in my hand. I may just buy anothere one.