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WTS - Bailey Bradshaw folded katana

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Aug 15, 2004
Bailey Bradshaw sole authorship Folded Katana. The Blade is 2700 layers of W-2, L-2 and nickle, non traditional etched not high polish. The mounts are Tensho style. 29-1/4" edge, 10" Tsuka. Chisled Steel fittings (fuchi, Kashira, menuki) by Bailey and piecerd/chisled steel tsuba. Steel Habaki. The wrap is done with individual cord and is amazing. The wrap needs to be seen to be appreciated. Ivory kurikata, red and black laquer saya with horn Kojiri and koiguchi.

This is a working piece, but I have not cut anything with it yet and that is part of the problem. I'm not using it and it needs to be used. The balance is great and I'm sure it will be a cutting machine. I picked this one up at Blade last year and it was sitting at Bailey's table for most of the show so some of you may have seen it. I hope I did not screw up too much of my terminology, Bailey will kick my butt :)

If anyone is interested I can take any detail pictures desired. The blade close up is a shot Bailey sent me before final polish/etch. There are no blemishes, rust spots etc. anywhere on the blade.

The price is $4000 shipped CONUS



Thanks for Looking.
I've handled that katana...sweet. The jabaramaki is also very well done. Plus Coronelli is just a really nice seller!!!