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Wyoming Knife and Saw?

What do you guys think of the Wyoming Knife? Is it easy and fast to use? What does everyone think of the Wyoming Saw? I have never used either one so any help would be great. Do you recommend something else instead of the knife and or saw?

Larry in KY

Feb 8, 1999

I have not used their knife, but I do own their saw and have used it for years.
The quality is excellent and use mine primarily in skinning deer. I purchased extra blades when I bought mine (7/8 yrs. ago) and have not yet dulled the original blade. Also, it folds up very compact...good quality saw!
I have a Wyoming Knife and like it. I use mine on deer and it works great. The gut hook makes skinning a breeze and no more cut intestines. Only thing I dont like is that the cutting edge / side of the knife is almost too short for larger game.
My dad got me the saw for Christmas a couple of years ago, but I have not had a chance to use it yet. I like the way that it dissasembles though, it is compact, which almost makes up for it being a little heavy.