You guys arent going to belive what im about to say, Please read!


Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
May 28, 1999
I just saw real... I mean nice, well finished, worth the price, knives on the shop at home channel!! I know, i know, Im joking right?... WRONG!! They actually have Some of Gil Hibbens customs on, not those UC pieces, actual customs. I almost dropped a load when I saw this one.... Hope someone else saw this to, I dont think anyone will belive me.
I believe you. I see it. Like a car wreck, I can't look away...

I think you guys have been up too long. What are you doing! sitting there watching the Home Shopping Network and sending out posts when all normal people are home in bed.
Hmmmm.... I could have sworn that it was Yul Gibbons instead of Gil Hibbens. Perhaps we need further confirmations on this matter.
If you all must know, My hamster woke me up at 2 am, I turned on the TV and...POOF!! Beautiful knives....I didnt belive it at first, but I just had to watch the rest of the was so shocking!
HAHAHHAHA You almost dropped a load!! HAHAHAH Im sure that everyone is thankful you didn't.

YEP...we have a knife for any occassion in this 42 piece collection!! There made with genuine stainless steel, space age zertex polymoly handles..we've got your skinner, your dicer, your slicer and the demicer...all in the handy carry around handy pouch that doubles as a backpack.You name the task and this collection has the blade and honk honk!! Its on flexpay...just six easy payment of $69.95. And if you act now well send em to ya in 6 weeks....
Nah...just kidding..sometime ago I saw some knives sell out on one of those shows..They had like 40 knives for $150 bucks.. Its was interesting to say the least....
Who the heck impulse-buys a several-thousand-dollar Hibben? And if they're that rich, why are they sitting around watching the shopping channel??

I like the idea of these folks trying to move upscale from "40 knives for $40," but this might be too big a jump... kinda like offering vintage wine at a lemonade stand.

I was thinking about that a while ago too Corduroy, It was kinda wierd. But they did sell a few of the $450 skinners
!!! ROFLM*O !!!

That show is hilarious! It is like watching a car wreck, but it was a two hour special, and like when the mangled bodies are ripped out of the car, I just had to look away. Needless to say, I used that oportunity to turn of the tube

It is just TOO funny to watch those dumb @$$'s try to stick the knives in the logs! LoL, I'm holding out for a knife blade's tip to snap off

Hey, they sure say "surgical stainless steal" alot! LoL, translation: 420-JXXX.

I need a bigger bucket.