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You have $130 to buy a knife-what knife do you buy?


Mar 30, 1999

This is the deal!I want to spend no more then $130 on a knife right now.I know it will be a folder but their are so many of them that i want.What knife would you get?And why?All comments are appreciated!
EDI Genesis comes to mind first, then a Spyderco Military, then a few Benchmades.

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I should be getting a Spyderco Military tomorrow from ABC-Direct, its my first Spydie, not that I don't have knives out the kazoo. I bought it after all the great things folks on these forums had to say about it. So that should be one consideration, as Mike said.

If you like auto's like I do, check out the Pro-Tech TR-2 for about $125, what a great knife! It's a copy of a discontinued Dalton design. It's really a lot of knife for the money.

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Not to sound like a tape recorder but I would get either:
Spyderco Military
EDI Genesis
REKAT Pioneer

Either one would be a good choice. If you put a gun to my head and said pick one of the three I would lean towards the Military right now but boy do I love that Genesis!



You didn't mention what size knife you are looking for.
While the above mentioned ones are all very nice,If you are looking for a knife that is just a little smaller than the EDI,REKAT or Spyderco and still want excellent quality you have to consider the Microtech Mini-Socom.

I prefer folders with 3.5 to 4 inch blades.I am used to carrying my Stryker and steel Endura.Thanks for all of the suggestions guys!!Keep'em coming!!
sorry -double reply

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I would dump in a couple of non liner locks (of course, the REKAT was already mentioned) such as the BM Pinnacle and the Axis (I don't have the latter though others speak highly of it.)

If you could come up with $60 more dollars you could get the best production folder out there (Microtech Socom) from ABC Direct. If you were only going to spend $130 I would say a REKAT Carnivour or a Spyderco Military.

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Just one for general, all-around use?

IMHO, Benchmade AFCK Model 800S.

I second Gollnick's opinion!
Benchmade AFCK model 800 either plain or partially serrated. (I prefer plain.)

Great knife, just keeps going and going and...

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Rolling Lock : REKAT Pioneer
Axis Lock : BM Axis (of course)
Framelock : BM Pinnacle
Linerlock : Spyderco Military

I guess choose what lock you want first, then choose the brand and model...
I'd go for a Pinnacle. I really love that knife. I bought one as a gift for a friend. Showed it to dad (a big time hunter/outdoorsman), and now he wants to buy a bunch for his friends for christmas.

I hope to pick one up for myself as soon as I get tuition settled.
I would go for the Axis and the Spyderco C16. You should have enough dough for both purchases, if you go through Brian and Discount Knives.
I would have to agree with the group. Military, or the Forums' Native in 440V (coming soon to the BladeForums.com store) if you want something a tad smaller.