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Your favorite sub 4 inch fixed blade utility knife?????

Oct 8, 1998
Good Day,

I am trying to decide on a design for a custom knife, but I am having trouble, I can't decide.

So, if you could help me I would be totally appreciative.

I am looking for a good design elements for a narrow sub 4 inch utility knife. I want it to have some sort of guard like shapes, be very comfortable to hold and use, etcetera.

If you have images or links to images that would really help.

Thank you,
Marion David Poff aka Eye, Cd'A ID, USA mdpoff@hotmail.com

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Talonite Resource Page, nearly exhaustive!!

Fire Page, metal match sources and index of information.

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Good Day MDP!

This is my Small Tac/Utility model. It's based on my Small Hunter patern. Specs: 1/8" D2, 3.5" blade with a tapered and drilled tang, blue G10 with blue/white spacers. I also offer this in a skeletonized version with 3 large holes through the handle.
This model has the "deep tight" hollow grinds with the false edge. Either blade grind can be done, I'm now carrying a skeletonized Hunter!!
I have two of these in Stellite in process now.



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Considering narrow sub 4 inch utility knife I would like to propose you to take a look at Scandinavian knives - designs proven by centuries. Simple but useful blade shape and grind, big and comfortable wooden handle, simple but genius sheath/carry "system" - all this are worth to be considered.
Concerning some sort of guard: IMHO it is not very useful feature for relatively short UTILITY knife.
This is only my .02 $

I have a Blackwood small Tac/Utility model. It is my absolute faborite small utility fixed blade. Very comfortable. Fit and finish are awesome. I really want one in stellite.

Dennis Bible
I really like my Busse Mean Street - handle fills the hand, it has a guard that's effective but not very obtrusive, & the blade is narrow yet very strong. It feels good!

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Well, by narrow I assume you mean overall thickness so, the Allen Blade MEUK probably wouldn't fit the requirement. Some of the Doziers would but, the ones I prefer are a little longer then you want and probably a little thick.

I have a Trace Rinaldi TTKK (5 1/2 inch model in BG-42) that is a delight to use and would probably meet your requirements in its smaller size version. My knife has mosaic pins with very thin burgundy micarta scales covering the 5/32 BG-42.

Check the knife out at Trace Rinaldi

Stay Sharp,
Camillus Talonite Talon, closely followed by the M-2 Nimravus Cub.

Favorite really small knife is the Darrel Ralph Arc Lite neck knife.

I think my favorite would be the same as Dr. Lathes if I owned one. That Small Tactical is headed for the top of my gotta have list.
Originally posted by Steve Harvey:
Camillus Talonite Talon, closely followed by the M-2 Nimravus Cub.

Same for me, in that order.