Your Opinion?

Jan 11, 1999
What are your definitions of a custom made knife? Does a knife made by someone who bought a quailty blade or blade blank from a professional knifemaker and then did the finish and handle work themselves qualify? What about the blades bought from the knifemakers supply houses? After all they are not always advertised as hand made, just custom. I have seen a lot of knives advertised as custom made on the net, yet you can find the same design blade in many of the supplier catologues. Give me your opinion, just some food for thought.
Mike C

Killing the dog wont cure the bite.

Oct 3, 1998
When I use the word "custom", what I have in mind is a knife made to my own specifications. Generally, such a knife would be one of a kind. Whether it was made by hand or by machines, or by one craftsman or several, is irrelevant.

I think for many people, "custom" simply means "expensive".

David Rock

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
Custom means made the way you want it, you actually had input into the design.

Something can be handmade and not custom and the other way around as well.

Oct 3, 1998
Go back a ways on Les's Custom Knife Forum and check out the thread that covers this subject.
Nov 4, 1998
I do not really have too much experience on the subject, but to me, it seems that custom has been refering to "handmade" more than anything else. Alot of makes use a pattern or cut outs or blanks made to their specs to cut down on time, and to have some conformity between units. Most customer input goes towards deciding on grip material, finish, and other aestetics. This is not a bad thing. With the huge demand for custom knives, Adding production style methods to makeing a product will cut down on the time need to make a knife. Burger king will let you customize a burger, but they ain't gonna make you nachos...

It seems that most makers will make a whole knife to your specs as well, making for a truly custom piece. I think the argument here is between "custom" and "customized" more than anything.

Oh well, that's my $.02...or $.01 after taxes....