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Oct 11, 1998
Which of you knife collectors out there have a theme in your knife collection? This is a general criteria on which you base your preference for knives and on which you decide what knives to purchase.

My theme is simple. All my knives have to be simple, functional, reliable, and as strong as possible for their intended uses. Of course, I expect excellent fit and finish and premium materials.

In folders, I have found few knives to be adequate for my needs/desires. The large Sebenza is the best that I have found so far. It is the only folder I possess, and it has served me well. The Integral lock is the way to go. Darrel Ralph has just introduced a new model called the Apogee which also utilizes this lock. I have two of these on order, and I believe they will be as good as or better than the Sebenza in many ways.

As for fixed blades, I only own MAD DOG's. At the moment, I have (3). I have (2) more on order. I have not found a fixed blade better than MAD DOG, IMHO.

So what is your theme?
My theme for fixed blades is from radical to fantasy.

For folders I have only one theme. AUTOS!

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As far as my collecting goes there is not much of a theme. I have been fortunate enough to have been given a number of blades over the years so there is quite a mix.

The only rule that I have regarding knives that I purchse is that they be knives that I would use if I had to. This is in no way saying that I use all of the knives that I own but I simply will not buy something that I would be afraid to use be it too nice or of poor quality.


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I really like Emmersons I have a Commander and would like to add another to it. Also would like to get the fixed blade Tiger Shark but I can't find one. If you know where to get one Email me and let me know.
well i dont know if you would call it a "Theme" but i collect, brend folders and brend\ww auto's. I just got my 1st brend fixed blade(do i see a theme here)and i'm starting to get into art style knives, you will see one of my resently purchased art knives in BLADE MAGAZINE in a few months.(sorry but i had to tell the world some how
) I gotten away from the tactical knives unless they look good, like with damascus, ivory, MOP, pretty stuff like that.
for me at this point a knife HAS to make me say WOW (not W.O.W )

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Fighters first. Now when I say fighters I may be thinking of something different then most. Not dueling knives … fighters. Fast tough knives designed to get ya before you even know I have a knife. And by the way the Rig is as important as the knife here. i.e. the Genghis, Voodoo child … so on.

Second: Mission oriented battle knives. That is Military purpose fixed blades. Again the rig is important. i.e. Mission MPK, Busse Steel heart ….

Third: Autos of all types but not the cheepos

Last: Anything else I like at the moment.
Basic black. Mostly for handles, rarely for blades.
When they're displayed in almost any combination, they mesh well, part of the same family.
I try to keep my collection serious/business-like in appearance.

I don't think I ever intentionally meant to start a collection, but after about 10 years, it's kind of scary to stop and really look at what you've aquired in that time.

I go with the best that I can afford in the following categories:
-large fixed blade
-locking folder
The knives must be the toughest available. I keep my collection very small---just 3 knives. If something new and better comes up, it replaces what I currently have. I either sell or give away the previous knife.

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any quality tac.folder
Mel Pardue custom folders
scale release autos
parker knives
autos'auto's auto's auto's
sorry about this post

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Two themes have emerged:

- Practical daily use and carry knives of decent quality. Includes SAK, utility folder and knives for carry while exercising. This is a real mixed bag of whatever I may need.

- Antique knives including old hunting knives and pocket knives. Haven't decided on which brands to collect yet.
Mine used to be "everything", now I'm actually going with a real theme; fixed blades, mostly medium to small size, utility variety. This gives me a bit of leeway to pick up stuff on the tactical side, if it has a blade that will work for utility. A good example of this is a Trace Rinaldi knife I've got on order; it's the "Spook" model and basicly a hideout knife, but if you check out the blade shape, you can see that it will be a good all around knife.
Anyway, that's my theme now and I'm happy to finally have a direction in my collecting.
I don't really see a theme looking at my collection. I had thought about starting to collect only whittlers, but the cost, and the variety of other stuff out there ended that. I have begun to amass a small collection (3 at the moment) of Hammer brand Stockman, of the later and cheaper period. Then I have the 2 linerlocks for daily carry, and two smaller fixed blades in some state of order. Ach, who knows.

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Well, in fixed blades I tend toward carbon steel, 4" or so, with substantial grips, never mind the SRK, tanto and the Buck hunter. Then there are a couple of CS Voyageurs, two Twistmasters, a handful of Frosts utility knives with laminated blades, a carbon steel plastic handled Ericksson in the garage for abuse, the Becker Knife & Tool Companion in the truck, the old Boker whittler I nearly wore down by sharpening... not to mention the Nepalese-made kukri... a couple excellent axes... and of course a SAK with corkscrew and a tiny screwdriver for tightening glasses hinges... I'm sure there's a theme here... Yes: they all cut!
I will take any knife I can get my hands on
I have to deal will alot of sales people that
want me to purchase from them. before we
talk I ask for a knife most have some type
of advertisment on them such as Dole.
Del Monte, Dolly Madison Cakes even
came up with a swiss knife
I ahve not really developed any theme as far as I am aware. However, I do tend to lean towards high performance folders, be they tacticals or general/field utility knives.
To name a few, Lg Sebenza, Spyderco Military, Benchmade Emerson 975 combo, Stryker and Cold Steel's tanto voyager extra large plain edge.
As for the fixed blade variety, I am in the process of acquiring two different blades. A Chris Reeve Shadow IV and a Benchmade Nimravus (Plain edge).

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My theme when I first started out was to get "one of every blade style." That is, one hawkbill, tanto, spike, recurve, clip, etc. That was five years ago and now I realize that this will very quickly make me poor(er).
Last summer I sat down and made a list of knife categories and then sough to pick the best knife from each class that I felt met my needs of having durable, usable pieces. If anyone is interested in the list, here it is:

OTF auto: Dalton M6 (although not as tight or as pretty as a Halo, it is KISS simple with less moving parts and extremely durable)
Side opening Auto: undecided
Folder: BM Axis (currently I have one w/ Al scales, but I think G10 has better cold weather and ergonomic characteristics)
Fixed Utility: MD ATAK
Fixed fighter: undecided
Neck knife: RJ Martin Handiman
Clandestine: Mission MPF (Ok, maybe I made up the category just so I could get one)
Gentleman's knife: Spyderco Mini-Dyad
Sword: undecided

As you can see there are some choices I still have to make. I feel great about the knives I have chosen so far and it really helps me curtail the NEED to buy more! Although that might not be a good thing.
Theme 1: Antique pocketknives, hunters.

Theme 2: Cheap pieces of crap of every description.

But I do have fun!
I like knives, all kinds and shapes and sizes. I like work knives that perform.
I have some Spydies and a pair of bali-songs, a big honkin' italian kriss bladed auto. I have some others but I can't classify a theme to them. What ever floats my boat.

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