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Add Pocket clip to opinel

Discussion in 'Maintenance, Tinkering & Embellishment' started by knifecollector73, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. knifecollector73


    Jan 15, 2013
    I was wondering if anyone knew how to put a pocket clip on an Opinel without drilling any (more) holes in it. What should i do. As you can see from the pic I've already drilled a lanyard hole in it and switched it from clip point to drop point with a file and some sandpaper. It looks pretty sweet, but i still would like a pocket clip. Any advice would help.

    Last edited: Feb 20, 2013
  2. Groove


    May 3, 2011
    Search for Nite Ize hip clip, or pocket clip. They use a really good adhesive that some folks have used with success.

  3. knifecollector73


    Jan 15, 2013
    if i got tired of the clip could i take it off and scrape off the adhesive?
  4. Getahl


    Dec 22, 2007
    It would be easy to drill out a pair of holes. How does the clip stay in place, epoxy?
  5. Not sure which clip you're referring to. If referring to the wire clip pictured above, I'd assume epoxy would hold it, and more easily if the ends of the wire go fairly deep into the wood.

  6. Knife Crazied

    Knife Crazied

    Apr 17, 2009
    Talking about the nite ize clip I've used on for a while on one of my multis and its worked well. There is also a thing called a draw clip that is normally used for guns that would work well. Many people have used them on knives and multis.
  7. knarfeng

    knarfeng senex morosus moderator Staff Member Super Mod Moderator

    Jul 30, 2006
    Adding pocket clips is not in the Traditional repertoire. Moving to Maintenance.
  8. pwet


    Feb 13, 2009
    if you dont want to drill more holes, there are clips that attach to lanyards like how pocket watches were attached. i havent seen this in a while and don't know who sells that, but it exists. the knife will hang in your pocket from a short lanyard. it looks ugly but it works.
  9. knifecollector73


    Jan 15, 2013
    a clip like this?

  10. knifecollector73


    Jan 15, 2013
    i have seen these pics before. if i can't find a non-permanent clip idea i probably go with this.
  11. pwet


    Feb 13, 2009
    yep exactly this without the chain, attached to a very short paracord lanyard. no need to drill anything as you already have a lanyard hole.
  12. StaTiK


    Jan 13, 2012
    Do a search for "P7 Suspension Clip". They're not exactly cheap but they come highly recommended by the EDC crowd (AKA batbelt crowd).

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