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Bullwinkle, I mean Moose

Discussion in 'Gossman Knives' started by silenthunterstudios, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. A couple years ago, Dan Schechtman wrote an article on a trip he took with his sons to Alaska for a fishing trip. One of the knives he took with him was the Moose model that Scott made. I saw something in Tactical Knives, I recall seeing something in Backwoodsman about it, but I may be confusing articles. Anyway, Dan traded it to Andster a couple years ago at Scott's Gosstoberfest.

    I had the opportunity to trade for it with Andy, and picked it up last night. Andy was a great host, beautiful house, great family and some good pups. We'll have to get together on a weekend. Andy is good people, and he had his eye on an 8" Tusker I got a couple years ago.

    I was extremely lucky to win a 5" Tusker a couple years ago at Scotts Gosstoberfest, that was carried in Afghanistan by a special forces team. I have had some great memories while using knives I bought directly from Scott, or traded or bought off the forums. However, that 5" Tusker is my favorite Gossman. Great, well made knife, comfortable to use. Carried by our Navy forces ;).

    I started out reading Dan's articles in Backwoodsman, and really like his work. I have traded with him in the past, both of us share an admiration for the Hudson Bay camp knife. I think it is really a treat to have traded for this knife with Andy. Great knives with a lot of history.

    Gossman knives are addictive!:thumbup:

  2. Andster2


    Feb 18, 2007
    It was nice having you over and great trading with you. I was really impressed by the Polaris you brought over. I assumed the Polaris had a small handle which wouldn't fill my large hands by the pictures Ive seen, but I was way off. That knife felt great. Definitely on my must have list. Thank you for the kind words also!

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