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Butler Derringers

Discussion in 'Gadgets & Gear' started by texasboy, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. texasboy


    May 23, 2007
    Me and my dad were just at a gun show. They had a box set of butler .22 short single shot derringers. The numbers matched. They were in fair condition and had sequential serial numbers. The box came with them. One had a mother of pearl handle with a bronzed steel barrel and frame. The other had a wooden handle with a brass frame and blues barrel. I have a couple of questions. Does anybody know anything about these derringers and this brand? And what would be a good price for that?
  2. Brules1


    Jul 22, 2007
    I had one many years ago. Although they looked good, mine was a POS. I had many FTF's. I sold it. I think there may have been problems with the hammer spring.
  3. tyr_shadowblade


    Jan 3, 2006
    These derringers are based on the Colt Thule design and are known for light hammer strikes . . . but a second attempt at firing will usually set them off, and certain brands of ammo (Federal, CCI) are more sensitive than others. A few "Made in Germany" versions of the Butler were imported prior to the 1968 GCA import ban and they are very similar but a lot cheaper. A NIB boxed set will be overpriced for what it is . . . which is basically a display set to hang on the wall.
  4. harkamus


    Apr 23, 2007
    Just get this:



    It's .22magnum, which is light years more reliable than .22 short or .22lr. It's 350 +75 if you want a .22lr conversion. They will ship around August.
  5. Brules1


    Jul 22, 2007
    The NAA deringer is a a great little (tiny) gun.

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