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Discussion in 'SnodyLand' started by ArtisticCutleryQuest, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. ArtisticCutleryQuest

    ArtisticCutleryQuest Banned BANNED

    Feb 8, 2012
    Its long been a goal of mine to be able to use my brains and creativity to raise money for charity.

    That time is coming near as I grow and do more business, I would like to see a portion of the profits I make go to good causes. I would also like to get involved with artists are custom knife makers who would donate one of their pieces for the sole profit of Charity.

    a couple causes really stuck out to me but I'm inviting you guys to also share what causes are near and dear to your heart . eventuallly the format will be for the buyer to choose where the charity support goes.

    I think this is an outstanding venture worthy of a lot of attention. we can't really do much on the site just as of yet but once the formula is there I don't think there will be a problem, i think everyone wants to be associated with a commendable cause like the one i'm daydreaming about....why not right?

    one of the major cause that sticks out in my mind is
    The wouded warrior project - to enlist aid to the best of the best who came home wounded
    the make a wish foundation - granting last wishes to terminally ill patients mostly childrend
    The boys and girls club of america - helping children of all ages get involved in their communities and provide recreation to keep them out of trouble and away from drugs

    I have heard of a few fallen officer funds but have not been made aware of major charity thats central to this cause....

    I know its very hard to give back in these hard economic times with all the hustle and bustle of just trying to get food on the table, taxes paid, and take care of your car, insurance and medical bills, but its important that we work together as a community to raise even a dollar

    I have some bigger plans that are going to raise a lot more than that, and thats because I would rather that money go to these causes and be doing something positive in the community than profit...I have everything I need others don't...furthermore if we want the community to grow we need to attract philanthropists who notice us making a difference and going against the norm....

    so without saying anymore because this is not an ad for me or my plans even though they are with the best intentions I would like to ask all of you

    what charitable causes do you hold near and dear and why?

    thats all for now but stay tuned as we get the legal issues and the site up, you'll find i have a lot of values I hold extremely firm on and I'm here to make a huge difference and if that means setting an example, than so be it, I'm passionate about knives but i'm even more passionate about America.

    I love America I love everything it stands for. and if I can throw my share towards these charities hopefully that sends the type of message Im trying to send. I'm getting a little ahead of myself because obviously one needs to make some money to pay the bills but I have found a way to do both and its going to be a lot of fun, because not only do all those charities benefit but you guys get to also....there has never been a more fun time for member participation EVER you guys are gonna get hooked up while you hook up the charities you believe in the most!!!!!

    sounds too good to be true eh? well its time to start getting involved and its starts with you telling us about the charities you care about, thats where we start...there are so many, breast cancer, leukimia, autism, inner city children....i'm curious to know how passionate the rest of you are about making positive changes in the community...lets just pretend for a minute some rich guy gave you his credit card and said go help restore America by donating to causes and charities...what would you guys do? because this believe it or not is going to be a reality...not in so many words but there are people out there ready to get involved and become interested in custom knives just for the chance to help people, they are called philanthropists, they are billionaires, and I'm waiting to call them up and ask them to come check out what we are doing and help us grow bigger.

    I have always wanted to make a positive difference in the world but I never had the oppurtunity, now I have the oppurtunity and this is wat i'm devoting my time to !!! I'm not asking you to contribute a dollar.....Your ideas are currency!

    your participation is priceless!

    tell us whats on your mind and in your heart!!!!!

    i love you guys! and I love THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. and I LOVE THE WORLD!!!!! and I believe strongly although evil is on the rise, most people of all religions are great great people who care about their families and love and laugh.....lets do something great together guys! sit back and enjoy the ride and be part of something amazing!!!! When you support ACQ, soon this is what you are going to be supporting and thats a Promise....i have a little more work to do and then I'm going to be figuring out how I can make this dream a reality !!!!

    this is my mission statement and i'm about actions and not talk ...so please support me with your ideas! and I will deliver with my actions but I need you guys to help steer me to the right path!!!!

    they wont even see it coming no one on earth expects the next big charitable powerhouse to be coming out of the knife community and thats why this idea is so viable. not only will we create a huge footprint but others around will see what we are doing and match us !!! this is more than a dream this is a blueprintl.

    I have never been so excited for anything in my life, even a new Snody release !!! <3 i love all of you so much with all my heart and i want to see all of you succeed in 2012! and for years to come!!!

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