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Havent we all learned a lesson.

Discussion in 'SnodyLand' started by whateatsrabbits, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. whateatsrabbits


    Nov 24, 2011
    I know I for one Had a bad feeling about slicepie/ACQ. From the very first post he made I knew something wasn't right. Most of you probably felt the same way. Its that gut feeling of malice. Amazing that reading on the internet can give you a bad vibe. I will try to expose/put down anyone that I get this vibe from in the future.

    Snody please let us know what happens to that scumbag.
    and here is a cool picture I took.
    Keep em sharp
  2. cziv


    Nov 24, 2005
    Count me in on that whateatsrabbits! That sleazoid gave me a stone in my shoe (it's Mob week on AMC TV :)) from the git. I hope he get's brought to justice quickly if he hasn't yet and that Mike is made whole financially from the rip off the guy ran on him and betraying Mike's trust. Rotten &*%# :mad:

    I love your knives brother, I can't afford them though! I need 3.5 inches or 4 inches of steel with a g-10 handle, a badass grind and a sheath! Your folders are magnificent but they're even more expensive. Maybe some day! :(
  3. weinerd


    Feb 12, 2011
    He might have resurfaced... just saw this:
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  4. sloth357

    sloth357 Platinum m0f0 Platinum Member

    Jan 5, 2011
    Yeah, same idiot. Same wannabe baller type talk. Still can't spell. I swear he only types when wired. Which is probably most of the time. Too bad he has any of those knives (if he even does...), he doesn't deserve them.

    But hey! Must be pimpin' if he is the president of the hair club for "men", I mean his criminal family of liars.
  5. Snody

    Snody The Realist Maker in the Game Moderator

    Sep 10, 2004
    Hey Brother.
    Thanks for the heads up.
    I deleted the link because I do not want to give him any traffic.
    These knives he is selling are stolen and the case is still open.
    Here are some arrest photos of Ken Babbit and Marianne Babbit who were both involved in this scam.
    Much Respect from Texas.
    I am locking this thread because there is nothing productive that can be accomplished at this point.
    If you have any information please email me at [email protected]
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