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Looking for a new EDC

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Billmanweh, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Billmanweh


    Sep 5, 2002
    It's been a couple of years since I bought a new knife and I'm in the market for a production EDC-type folder. In the past, some of my favorites have been a Ritter Mini Grip, Spyderco Mini Manix and a Benchmade 735 Ares. I'm just looking for suggestions in that same size/price category.
  2. mkjellgren


    Nov 1, 2005
    There are literally dozens of excellent knives that fit your description but I'll give you a few to take a look at by some major companies.

    If you liked the mini manix you really owe it to yourself to give the manix 2 a shot. Its an update on the manix platform and features the caged ball bearing lock with functions similar to the axis lock. The native 5 is a g10 full flat ground s35vn version of the native that many people have compared to the mini manix in terms of feel. Also with similar ergos is the sage series which is available in several different handle materials and locking mechanisms. The sage series is made in Taichung Taiwan which is known for producing the best fit and finished knives with a spyderco logo. The taichung knives truly are world class and perhaps the flagship of those knives is the Gayle Bradley. The GB features materials (carbon fiber and cpm-m4 blade steel) and fit and finish normally only seen in knives costing several times more than the gayle bradley's $140ish price tag. Cpm-m4 is a high tech powdered metal tool steel with nearly unmatched edge retention as well as a very high level of toughness. M4 is commonly used in bladesport cutting competitions. Keeping with spyderco, the paramilitary 2 is a spectacular knife and a forum favorite. The compression lock is extremely strong and incredibly smooth and the egos are top notch.

    In terms of benchmade, pretty much their whole production line fits your description so I'm not even going to try to list them all, but a few personal favorites and other popular knives you should check out are the 710 (its a classic), 950 Rift, 940/943, 810 Contego, 746 Mini Onslaught.

    Zero Tolerance, Kershaw's high end hard use division has some excellent knives as well, although most of them run $200+. The 0350 and 0200 are the exception and are available for under $150. The 0350 is a beefy assisted opener that carries surprisingly well due to its thin profile. The 0200 on the other hand is a manual flipper and a beast of a knife.

    Good luck on your search, like I said, their are literally dozens of excellent knives out there, my list is just the beginning, if you can tell us a few more specific features you're looking for we can give you more specific suggestions.
  3. Gunsnknives


    Mar 26, 2011
    Per the existing responses, there are lots of choices. From my experience, I'd recommend:

    -Benchmade 950 Rift
    -Benchmade 890 Torrent - slick assisted opening but lightweight linerlock
    -Spyderco PM2
    -Spyderco Endura/Delica depending on how big a blade you want. They are available in easy to sharpen VG-10 or super hard ZDP189
    -Spyderco Caly 3 or 3.5 (get the Super Blue if you can find one second hand...if you don't mind patina or doing some maintenance)

    There are dozens more blades...but those are the ones I'm familiar with and they are all solid choices.
  4. Billmanweh


    Sep 5, 2002
    I'd say my budget is $150-200 at the top end
    Tip-up carry
    Has to have a pocket clip
    Nothing much heavier or larger than the three knives I mentioned
    I don't need it to cut down trees or self-defense. lol
    Not a fan of flippers or assisted openers

    I'll definitely check out the knives mentioned. The new blue Manix did catch my eye, but I wasn't sure of the quality. I've had some Hinderer customs in the past, and the ZT 550 looks interesting.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2012

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