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MRE hot beverage bag source

Discussion in 'Outdoor Gear, Survival Equipment & More' started by Foilist, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Foilist


    Dec 20, 2004
    Hey all,

    Anybody know a good place to get a few MRE hot beverage bags? I thought they would make a decent emergency water carrier for a PSK.

    The MREs I have around don't include these items.
  2. IUKE12


    Nov 25, 2005
    Dunkin Donuts box of joe
  3. Tixx

    Tixx Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 19, 2011
    Pop that into google and it is the second one down.

    Good idea IUKE12!
  4. Longtrang


    Jan 21, 2010
    Would think you would have an easier time finding MREs and just keeping the bags. That's what I do.
  5. Foilist


    Dec 20, 2004
    Yeah, this is probably what I'll do.
  6. Tixx

    Tixx Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 19, 2011
    Though I thought my link would be easiest of all and less expensive at getting exactly what you wanted. :) I had to find some for my kits as well and ordered from there.
  7. Foilist


    Dec 20, 2004
    I do appreciate the link, but it occurred to me that the handful of MREs I have are getting pretty long in the tooth and ought to be replaced.
  8. Tixx

    Tixx Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 19, 2011
    That is cool. I just remember my search for the same bags after MTWarden had some in his pic. I have them in all kits now. :)

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