New York Custom Knife Show (2014 NYCKS) • Stunning pieces!

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    Oct 8, 2001
    First things first: It's in New Jersey, about one mile across from the new Freedom Tower (WTC). The origins, I'm told, of this Show started in New Jersey at the Meadowlands, so it's back to it's roots! ;)

    Months before the shows I get a mailer of knives to have a postcard created from. They are the lottery give-away knives and I love spending time shooting them, and then creating this front-image postcard display. This isn't what I do often, but when I do I like the challenge and the opportunity to use text and other arrangements.


    This show is held every year in late November, and it's hosted by Fifty Fifty Productions. Steve D'Lack, Kylee, Cricket, Nick, Peter, Paul are all the 'regular' faces who do an INCREDIBLE job running such a show. This year was, by all accounts, the best in many years. :thumbup:

    We are fortunate to be included in this show and the ECCKS (in March) held at the same venue.

    Susan and I drive in on Friday morning 9am (it's only a 90 min drive) and set up. We're there till closing at 2pm on Sunday. Believe me, it's WORK.

    However, this show is more laid back than, say, Blade, and I can actually walk the show and spend welcome time chatting with each client or onlooker. There are LOTS of well-meaning onlookers who wander in to see how we do it. :eek: Spending time in the show is always great too. Recall I am a collector at heart, too.

    One regular visitor to our studio are the Bennett's Bill, Chris, and their dad, Bob. They live in nearby Westchester County. They are collectors and great folks who I met on the USN forum and at these shows. This year, simply as a show of appreciation for their faves, they delivered a box of homemade brownies made by Bob's wife Carol:


    ^^^ THIS is testimony to how very cool 'Knife People'© are. :D I promised I would post them. The box only had one eaten one when I shot that. It left empty.... :p

    Lets get it on....

    Jens Anso flew in and had this tantalizing zipper-bladed gold-pinned workhorse.

    If you know your Tony Bose knives, these will give you bugeyes!

    Kevin Casey makes the unsurpassed feather patterns, and is smartly collaborating with other talented artists. Look at how wonderful Konstantin Pushkarev has elevated these handles.


    You can easily recognize Kevin's folders from across the room.
    (He like others, is traveling to Milan for their show this week. He will do well with these over there!)

    Kevin Cross, (or I should l say Dr. Kevin Cross, DDM) is a collector and a talented maker. He's paying close attention to his work.

    These Don Hanson III pieces are in their own thread, but deserve another look here again.



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    Oct 8, 2001
    We love that Texan Oklahomian Jerry McClure has found this show in NY so appealing. He's almost always our very first visitor, and he always has great BIG stories. (As he should!)

    This fixed blade has a lot of things going on for it.

    Brian Nadeau came in with his buddy Bill, and proud promoter Aldo Bruno in tow. (Aldo chased his work to me years ago.) He's a quiet man, but he's turning heads worldwide!

    One of my very favorite makers is Pete Pruyn (Brothersville Knives). His work is one half rustic, and two halves interesting.

    Here he's allowed this crazy scrimshaw to take center stage.

    This one has some colorful synthetic, and the cleaver style blade looks useful.

    Lastly he's found some nutty natural/synthetic blend of wood and epoxy and smartly used the theme to show the shark in the water above the ocean bottom.

    Detail view:

    There's a regular contingent from South Africa, and Andre Thorburn is taking command of his work with these smart folders:


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    Oct 8, 2001
    Ron Lake had his lovely daughter Julie (an artist in her own right) display his work. He's readying for the Milan Show on week later.

    He often has something interesting on the reverse side. See for yourself!

    Joe Kious produces double 'Pocket Locket' autos. Here's a set from two different sources. They are indefatigable canvasses for engraving artist's work.

    The recognizable Ron Skaggs' gold inlays:

    The incomparable Jon Robyn's bulino engraving (from the heart of NYC, I'll add). Here's the tale of King Kong told in four chapters!

    If we're going Old School, the work of W.W. Cronk and Ron Skaggs was done in the seventies or maybe even sixties!

    Modern tastes still dictate ornate and skullduggery. Jody Muller added both, including diamonds, in this embellished folder.

    Yes, that's deeply carved. Kevin Lesswing from NJ takes this hunter to a collection level with a collaboration with Mike Tarango's work


    Speaking of collaborations, Jeremy Horton and Kirby Lambert worked together on this one. JH did the blade, and KL did the handle. Wow!

  4. SharpByCoop

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    Oct 8, 2001
    If there was an award for 'Commanding Presence', I'd take a step backwards in a bow to Sam Lurquin's fighter. WOW!

    Art Green ALWAYS brings me (us?) something of extreme historical interest (Remember the 200yr-old 27 blade sportsman's knife? How about the early Loveless Delaware Maid or the RWL Tendon Cutter, and the Paratrooper's knife.) See what he brought me below:

    John Nelson Cooper was a pioneer in Custom Knives. In their time these were VERY desirable. 1960's? I had fun with this display. ;)

    Award for the Most Honorable Gentleman goes to Chicchi Yoneyama. His work is outstanding and he is as humble and warm a person as we've ever met. Please visit his table to see why!

    I'm closing today with the work of Michael Zieba from Brooklyn NY. Mike has a thick Polish accent/heritage, and shares that renowned Polish 'attention to quality'. He's fairly new, but his work is well thought out and he's dedicating himself to getting better and better every year. I predict MUCH success in his work. Pay Attention.




    He wanted me to leave that patina on the blade.

    I have more to edit, and I"ll show them next week. This is a large RICH helping (ironically on Thanksgiving Day) of high end customs.

    Thanks for viewing.

    Jim and Susan
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    Nice display of knives. It's too bad Texan Jerry McClure lives in Norman, Oklahoma. We will for give you this time.
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    Dec 28, 2001

    Those are great photos.

    It looks like it was a nice show.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more when you have a chance.

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    Thanks a lot. It is neat to see them all, but for me I have a Muller Forge knife, so seeing Jodie's current work is slick. The Tarango blades is neat and kinda hurts the mind, how's it done?
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    Jim as always you bring class to the game

    Sorry I had to run back home Saturday and miss dinner

    Hopefully March
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    Love the Bose, who wouldn't?

    Thanks coop - :thumbup:
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    Wow. Stunning is right!

    Thanks for the awesome photography!

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    Sweeet Pics.I was Lucky enough to score one of Peter Pruyn(Brothersville)Crazy Skull Choppers along with a few of his tee's I also got a chance to fondle that little Cleaver Thingy he's a hell of a nice guy and maker to boot:)!
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    Thank you, James!
    What pix! What knives!
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    Great shots Coop.
    Beautiful knives as well.
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    Beautiful knives / beautiful images, thanks for sharing Coop!
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    Amazing skills shown here! Yours included, Coop. Thanks for the show. :thumbup:

    - Joe
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    Hi guys - Thank you! Each of these deserves a thread on its own, and there would be much more to discuss, but I can't do that. I'm glad you are visiting here to appreciate them. :thumbup:

    Ohhhh, man. I only hope if you asked Jerry where I lived he'd broadcast: "Those Yankees live up there in Massachusetts!" Close. Like OK and TX. LOL! :rolleyes:

    I'm staying home to edit more today. I have plenty of super art knives, and high end dress tacticals to go...

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    Mind blown. Great artistry in all of these knives (and images). Thanks for sharing and inspiring!
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    ^^^ Susan read this and says: "And that's why I do the mailing labels." :p :thumbup:


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    Beautiful knives and photos, Coop.

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